Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Old House in the Woods


This is the road leading to Haven Beach.

There are woods on either side.

This is an old house in the woods on the way to the beach.

But it isn't The Old House of Old House Woods fame.

Still, it's a wonderful old house.

One of my favorites.

Click here for one of my favorite posts about Old House Woods that includes a story from a previous owner of The Haunted House.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many Thanksgivings were celebrated in that wonderful old home? Its windows stare out as if wondering what happened to the people who used to live inside...
Very happy to read that your mom is up to doing some of the baking. You have a great family to treasure and be thankful for.
I am a non-cook (I hear ya,Daryl!) who fortunately has a son who loves making Thanksgiving dinner. I will enjoy being at his place together with my daughter-in-law & grand kids...no Golden Corral for us, either. (Although I have to say I still laugh recalling your family's account of the wild 'n' woolly Thanksgiving meal there.)

deborah said...

very picturesque..or could be the focal point in a horror movie, depending on the light...
we are all laughing about the 'deal' I thought I got on turkey breasts (I read the weight instead of searching for the price - I would have put the 3! that I bought right back if I had)
Baking rolls and pumpkin rolls today
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Hope you get to spend it with family and friends!

Deltaville Jamie said...

Old House Woods is one of the top creepiest places on my list of creepiest places- and I've been to a lot of creepy places.

Daryl said...

i love creepy places .. this house is wonderful ...

Mental P Mama said...

I wanna go on a ghost expedition with Jamie. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! xoxo

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

LLC-I had blocked the Golden Corral Thanksgiving out of my memory bank. Thank you for reminding me of why I insisted on cooking this year!

At the half-marathon the other weekend, I asked Baby Sis which corral (aka group or wave or heat) she had been assigned to start in. Her answer? The Golden Corral. Cracked me up.

I'm not sure I'll be posting this evening but will try to get something up by Thanksgiving. If I don't, I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving that does not involve the Golden Corral and boxing people out at the mashed potato trough!

Oh, the humanity.

Country Girl said...

I want to come down for a ghost expedition too. Scary dreams be damned! Very very cool house, CBW.

Sooska said...

That house always spooks me when I go to Haven Beach. My kids always wanted to stop and explore for ghosts or chain saw murderers. I hear bad music in my head as I drive by.