Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mathews JV Basketball

Lately I've been doing all my bragging about the Mathews High School girls JV basketball team on Facebook.  It's high time I shared all that boasting here on the blog.

I could talk about this team all day long and not just because #21, my favorite player, is my daughter.

First of all, they are undefeated.  

Second, they are excellent--every single last member of the team.  

There is no weak link. 

Third, they have a great coach.  

Coach Tommy was a freshman at Mathews when I was
a senior and Middle Sis was a sophomore.

Another favorite player is #30, Veronica.
Her Aunt Deidre graduated with me.

Another reason Veronica's a favorite?  I was #30 in high school.
This picture reminds me of a time when
the entire game hinged on my one foul shot.
We won't talk about the outcome. I might need therapy.

These games can get downright ugly.  Brutal.  Scrappy.
The team is very aggressive on defense (as well as offense).
They are tough. Relentless.

Being tough means there will be injuries.
Daughter almost broke her arm.
Our other point guard injured her hand.  The other night she played
with it all bandaged up.  Tough I tell you.

With perhaps one or two exceptions, I grew up with the parents
of everyone on the team.  And of course I went to school with the coaches.

Even though I would love this team for their skills alone,
the fact that I have this deeper connection to them
through their families makes it even nicer.
This is Reason #98 that I love living in Mathews.

We have a great cheering section.
I noticed that Daughter's Holly Ball date
(in the Duke sweatshirt) has been to almost every home game.
She also changed the background photo on her phone
to one from their date. Not to worry.
I went to school with his father and he's from good people.
Another benefit to growing up in Mathews. You can get the 411
on your daughter's boyfriends. 

I went out with #12's uncle once. He had a Corvette.
Yellow. Fun car.

Her Dad was a year ahead of me in school.
Also, she played against us when she attended
Chesapeake Academy and Daughter went to Ware.
I remember her because she was the best one
on the team and I didn't like that - she was big competition.
Now that she's on our team, I LOVE her mad skills.

Anyway, that's the behind-the-scenes, Chesapeake Bay Woman take on the Mathews JV basketball team. They are a very talented, well coached group of young ladies with so much potential.

For the three two few local readers who may be interested, they play Thursday night at 6:00 at Middlesex High.  Please come out and cheer them on.


Annie said...

love the way you love being involved in the teenagers sports...wonderful! and the kids would appreciate your support too.

in the middle of a heatwave here..whew. Glad when tomorrow's 36 will be much cooler than 40 today (that's Celsius, of course)! It is the fire risk that is the worst part, especially when you have little families traveling from the bush my car!


Just heard a cool change on the way for next Tuesday...argh!

Daryl E said...

GO TEAM!!!!!

Mental P Mama said...

I love it!!! And they rock!! Wait. Yellow Corvette?

Anonymous said...

A chip off the old block!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed today's and yesterday's posts. I want to know about that yellow corvette! --Betsy

Anonymous said...

If there was only some way We could let them know how much these moments in time will mean to them one day!! I'm 57 years old and when I need a Happy thought I remember my High School days!!I sure you do too!!