Monday, January 7, 2013

Sky Blue

These are from a quick excursion to Aarons Beach
on the way to the grocery store yesterday.

I hadn't been to the store (or anywhere) in over a week,
and, by the way, Aarons Beach is not
on the way to anything but the Chesapeake Bay.

The sickness that had me flat on my back
last week has passed, and I finally feel human again.

Ready to take on a new year with new possibilities.

What's going on in your world?


Anonymous said...

AAhhh--I needed those images. Gloomy here, to match the happenings lately.
So nice you are up and around again.

deborah said...

Glorious blue skies! Just gray and bleak here, very cold.
So glad you are feeling better!

Deltaville Jamie said...

Apparently, we were ships passing in the daytime- a day apart. I was at Aaron's Beach Saturday, what a gorgeous weekend it was! Sucked coming home. Glad you're feeling better!

Daryl E said...

glad to hear you are mended ... this weekend when i went to Irving Farms to get coffee the girls at the counter asked after my 'out of town visitors' ...

Sooska said...

The photos of blue skies and water are beautiful and uplifting. Here in PA it is overcast, chilly and maddeningly dreary. I miss the sun and blue sky!

Anonymous said...

They say that the days are already starting to get longer (really?) warm days to match those blue skies are just a few short months away.....!!