Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Canada Geese

Since I've not taken any new photos, I thought I'd look at some that have been queued up in my Drafts folder and found these.

To be honest, I thought I'd already posted these and for all I know I did.  But in the bizarro world I live in, a bad memory has its advantages.

If I don't remember posting these photos, then I didn't post them.  But if by some chance I did post them, I don't care, because I don't remember. I'm using them again.

Circular logic, anyone?

So, to recap:

  • I may or may not have posted these before.
  • Regardless of the answer to the above, I'm posting them again because I got nuthin' here are pictures of Canada geese near Aarons Beach.
  • Chesapeake Bay Woman's memory worsens by the day.
  • Part of this is due to the stress of having to endure her daughter's basketball games, all of which have been too close for comfort.  But they are still undefeated.
  • Part of it is due to Son beginning to talk about college and wanting to go visit some. DC and NYC were mentioned.  (He's already visited my alma mater UVA several times.)
  • When did I become old enough to have a son looking at colleges?
  • DC and NYC?
  • Serenity now.
  • Happy Birthday, Chesapeake Bay Father!
  • (He doesn't know how to turn on a computer, or, as he would call it, a flaptop. His name for Twitter is Tweeter and then of course there's the other oldie but goodie, SpaceBook. He calls texting faxing.  I dare not ask what word he uses for faxing. Dare not.)
  • Happy Birthday anyway, CBF.
  • Have a great day, all.


deborah said...

I enjoy the photos and don't remember seeing them before - but don't rely on my memory.

You've given your son the wings he needs to feel secure in flying away from home and explore new horizons, such a wonderful mother you are -

Wishing your father Happy Birthday!

Oh, I did something today I have done for many years - had over a foot of my hair cut. Almost have a regular style now:)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Happy Birthday and a grand year to come, CB Father !!

Anonymous said...

Post some more of the Jv's games maybe the fight.LOL

Kay L. Davies said...
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Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, good, just a few Canada Geese. I read recently that their numbers have reached plague proportions in some areas and they're having to be eradicated (i.e. shot on sight until they're dead). Too grim to contemplate.
Glad the close basketball games have all been wins.
And of course you're a smart mom, and therefore glad your son is looking into colleges instead of a life of crime or, worse, becoming a professional Canada Goose eradicator.

Country Girl said...

Your dad's funny. My husband calls things funny names too. E-mailing is texting. I'm not sure he even knows what texting is, actually. And I don't care if you posted these or not. I still like 'em. I think it's wonderful that your son is talking about college. We can go visit him!

Mental P Mama said...

LOL @ CBF! Hope his birthday was fab! And, YAYYYY for CBDaughter!!!

Meg McCormick said...

Happy birthday Papa! My in-laws call their iPad the iDroid.

Daryl said...

happy birthday to your dad .. for a nano sec i thought his Twitter name was Tweeter .. sigh i really need to read not skim