Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fence Posts

Yesterday was wonderfully warm, so I drove to Bethel Beach for a brief visit. On the left side of the road leading to the beach is a fence line I've always admired.  

Although it isn't easy to see in these pictures (at least not on my screen, but then again my eyesight is fading fast, so the screen isn't entirely to blame), there is barbed wire attached to these posts.

In the shots above and below, a pine tree has grown around the wire.

Below it's easier to see.

This isn't far from the barn I talked about in (click here) this post.

Those two in the foreground are posts. (Wire hangs from the one
on the left.) Standing in the middle further back, a dead pine tree
blends in well, looking as weathered and worn as the posts.

If you cannot see the barbed wire, click on the image to enlarge.
I don't think it will enlargen enough for me to see it, but I know it's
there.  Also, enlargen is a word. It was just invented, right here on
this blog.

There is another fence line on the left
headed down towards those pine trees.

You can see it better here.

Are you still awake? Or did my talking about an invisible fence that looks like a bunch of dead trees in the middle of a swamp cause your head to drop backwards and your eyes to slam shut?

I don't blame you. It's just that I'm so easily amused, I could talk about stuff like this forever.

(Even if I'm not quite sure what I'm talking about.)

In other more interesting news, my daughter's last basketball game is tonight at King William.  The long drive will be well worth it to see them (hopefully) beat King William and finish their season with a perfect record.

I can't wait.

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Hoping for CB Daughter's perfect--or nearly perfect game record....either way, that is an awesome season !
I really love the tree you found with its trunk growing around 2 strands of barbed wire.. I strongly identify with that tree, trying to grow from the experience of my older son moving north to Washington with my grand is cutting into me like the barbed wire, saying goodbye to them today. Do not know when I will see them again.

Anonymous said...

fence post your blogging about fence post now?? Boggie Filpin would be proud!!!!

deborah said...

In a former life, I used to help set fence posts and pull barbed wire.

Go Team! Win the game!

Daryl said...

don't forget to bring something for the cotton mouth and do not leave your mother behind!

Waterman JP said...

You are so funny!!! These are great pics.

I didn't have to click to enlargen the images to see the barbed wire fence.

Good luck to CB Daughter and her teammates in tonight's quest for a perfect season.
And I hope CB Woman doesn't require the application of an (AED)Automated External Defibrillator during this final game.

Dghawk said...

I always used trees as fence posts. Especially a nice live one for the corner. You can stretch that wire nice and tight, and you don't have to dig holes to set them. Besides, why shell out good money for store bought when you can get them for free?

Good luck to CB Daughter and her team tonight!

Sooska said...

Enlargen! I got a good chuckle out of that. A famous local blogger here in Pittsburgh uses the word "embiggen." Love the fence posts.