Friday, February 1, 2013


I had every intention of ending this week with some calming photos taken at Bethel Beach, with its vast expanse of open, blue sky and the swamp abundant marshland wearing its winter colors.

Yes, I had every intention of focusing on that.  

Instead, we interrupt this blog post about Bethel Beach to bring you breaking news.

Chesapeake Bay Daughter

The Mathews High School girls JV basketball team won last night over King William.

What a fabulous group of young ladies...

and some pretty fantastic coaches.

The season is now over.  No other team could beat them.  It was a perfect season.

The score from last night's King William game

And now I am perfectly depressed.

 I so enjoyed watching this team play and very much looked forward to the games.

What will I do with my evenings now?  How will I let out all this pent up energy with no more opportunities for jumping up and down and screaming in the stands at least twice a week?

Anyway, congratulations to a great group of girls and the equally great Coach Tommy and Coach Lawrence.

Thank you for a perfect season.


deborah said...

Yay! Congratulations!

Snowing there? We have almost 2" and more to come. Down to 10 degrees tonight too

Kay L. Davies said...

Aha, so you can shovel snow with all that energy.
Failing that, bake cookies, they're more labor intensive than cake, but also more portable.
Congratulations to your daughter and her team. Good work, ladies!

Anonymous said...

wooo! CB daughter and her awesome team !!! Congratulations to all

Anonymous said...

Yay! Finally, some breaking news I want to hear!

What to do now? Hmmm... something involving the zebra boots?


Daryl said...

i bet you can find something to cheer about ... how about this .. BHE and i are having dinner on Monday evening ... HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annie said...

aha, great team work..cbdaughter and mother!!

Anonymous said...

volleyball Wednesday night at the court house be there or be square its for us old folks ,well not that your old but you will have a hand up on the competition ! keep those competitive juices flowing!!! can even provide transportation LOL It is a good work out!!!