Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More Merroir

Since all I have to say today is, "Here are some more pictures from Saturday's visit to Merroir," I'd like to direct your attention to my mother's recent blog post which describes my parents' hilarious foray into snow skiing.

Click here to read all about that.


deborah said...

Your mother is a very talented writer/storyteller! Love her drawings - they tell the story.
Just delightful and so funny!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your beautiful boat photos and heads up re your mom's post. She just kills me..I would absolutely love seeing a children's book about your family adventures with her illustrations and hilarious narrative.

Daryl said...

i told your mom that i empathize ... and i do tho i learned to ski 30+ yrs ago

Mental P Mama said...

Going to visit mama. xoxo

Dghawk said...

No words needed, CBW. Sighhhhhh.
Going to chedk out Mom's blog.