Tuesday, February 5, 2013


This one is on the left side of Route 614.

Today we take a peek at a few old structures lurking in the woods on my jogging route. Now that winter has removed all the leaves and vegetation, they're much easier to spot and photograph.

Also on Route 614.

Speaking of jogging, but entirely unrelated to old structures, leaves, and vegetation, Baby Sister and I are officially registered for another half marathon, this time in Nashville. We'll be flying out the end of April to run it with blog friend Lauren.

I'm really looking forward to it.

Anyway, the building above and below was completely hidden from view until loggers recently removed most of the trees.  As I was running by one day, I asked the logger guy if he knew anything about the property.  He didn't but he did point out another very old house sitting further back that looked very interesting.  Since trespassing (and dodging logging equipment) would be required to get a picture of that, there are no shots of that house here, regrettably.  But it's very alluring.  One day I'll make it back there.

On the left as you head towards Bethel Beach.

Near Beaverlett post office.

Route 614 on the right after you turn from Rte. 14

I realize most people reading this couldn't care less about the route numbers.
But for posterity's sake I feel compelled to state the location.
There's very little in life I feel compelled to do, up to and including housework.
So when a rare compulsion strikes, I heed the urge.

Old windows and old doors.  Love them both.
(Yes, I am a bit odd.  No, I don't get out much.)

Before closing, I do have one last story pertaining to age and what is considered old.

Sunday my friend Alda had a Super Bowl party.  I asked Son and Daughter if they wanted to go since I knew there'd be lots of food and plenty of entertainment.  When I first asked them, there was no response.  (No response means no.)  I left it alone and revisited the topic a bit later.

CBW:  "So how about coming with me to the party, you won't believe all the food."

Son:  "Who's going to be there?"

CBW:  "My friends and some of their kids."

Son:  "I don't really want to go. It'll just be a bunch of old people."  

CBW:  "I don't really consider myself old, but point taken. There won't be any teenagers there, you're right.  You guys stay here and enjoy yourselves, I'll be back later on."

So where did Son and Daughter end up watching the Super Bowl?  Next door with my 71 year old parents.

Everyone was where they wanted to be, and a good time was had by all.

For the record, though, my friends and I are not old.


Annie said...

I believe you...you are definitely not old, in my eyes, because I am closer to your parents age.
Getting older by the minute.
Dodging cyclones and floods etc. A bit wearying.
Tangling with the internet provider I've been with for simply ages. They recently changed company, and the billing is a mess. Today they just lost another customer!!
Time for to get to and shift house, and go live near the little family daughter! Hope I get on well as well as you do with yours!

Anonymous said...

I will show the pics to my historians and see if they know the old home place's. In regards to your question about how the goats were transported to West Point , 3 went in my 1973 firebird, yes it was a tight fit and 3 went in a friends 1973 lemans New cars at the time.I bet the smell is still in there!! In regards to the goats the West point coach call or asst;coach and for some reason he called Me??? go figure?? and the goats were returned to there rightful owner! Personally i think they enjoyed the trip!

growing wild on waverly lane said...

I think they were making our lives brighter in a perfunctory kind of grandparent maintenance, or they came for the chili and cornbread and apple pie and pecan pie.

TSannie said...

Just love those old buildings. And, no, you're not old. You're just well-seasoned. :)

Daryl said...

when i saw the blog title i thought CBW's posted a photo of me ...

didnt get to see Angie last nite, Rachel got sick and they never left the hotel, she's training it back today .. so bummed

U.S. Marketing Co. said...

I love these old places that have (it appears anyway)been abandoned and left to the ravages of nature (similar to an old bird like me who eschews plastic surgery and prefers to let nature have its way) but sometimes I feel angry at the neglect. These old dilapidated houses and barns have a charm and warmth often missing in newer structures. Keep snapping away!!