Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Old II

Continuing with yesterday's theme of old people structures, here are some I visited yesterday on my way home from Gloucester.  Most of these were taken from Chapel Neck Road at North.

The door is wide open, just beckoning.

This looks like a miniature Tastee Freeze.  Seriously.
There is a sliding window to exchange money/food and a
fluorescent light overhead.

Not all is old and falling down around these parts.
There are plenty of estates along the river.

These last two are of a cute little house just off Route 14 on the road leading into the Court House (Church Street).  I've shown pictures of this one before, but I felt the urge to take a few more shots because recently someone has cleared all the brush away.  As usual I am worried someone will tear it down.  So, here are a few more shots of the tiny little house.

Warning:  Taking photos while driving will
produce imperfect, lopsided results.

After work today I have to do a wee bit of traveling for work, so there likely won't be another blog post for a few days.

(Please keep your applause down to a dull roar.  Thank you.)

If you're really bored,  click here for a post  that dates back to the very first month this blog was created, March 2008. I was asked to share six unimportant things, habits or quirks.

I focused on six general things about my life, some of which are actually important  (like the snippets about my great-grandfather and my mother) as opposed to the habits or quirks, which would take fourteen days to compile.  Only #s 4 and 6 are what I would deem unimportant.  I don't follow directions well. Also, it's up for debate whether being related to Wayne Newton is important, unimportant, or a quirk. You can decide.

 If you would like to play the game, feel free to leave a comment describing six unimportant/important things, habits or quirks about yourself.  I will thoroughly enjoy reading them from the comfort of my hotel room in The Big City, assuming I can figure out how to hook up the internet and assuming I've not exploded from overindulging in Thai and/or Vietnamese food.

In any case, have a great rest of the week.



Anonymous said...

Bright lights, Big city for you !
I am old enough to remember a song with those lyrics. I can't decide whether to move into that little house with the hobbit window (or maybe it was placed low to afford a view for pet goats ?)---or, maybe I should take up residence in the abandoned Tastee Freeze. I just have to think up what I would be selling for customers to drive up to the drive-thru window.

deborah said...

I am always amazed at how many houses have been abandoned..some are so cute, its a shame they don't have people to care for them -

Have a safe and happy trip!

I will read and comment on the important stuff tomorrow, since I will be in withdrawals from not reading your blog hehe:)

Anonymous said...

lets go spend the night in one of these old homes!! I dare you!! double dare you!!!

Deltaville Jamie said...

6 habits or quirks about me? I'm perfectly normal.
1. I like the smell of skunk, not when it's eye-watering strong, just when it's strong enough to smell.
2. I enjoy floating in the Bay/River/Creek wearing a rubber ducky float.
3. I steal pens. I have a thing for pens.
4. I have a thing for all school supplies really. I think it's all the organizational possibilities.
5. I have to check my alarm 3 times before I'm certain it's properly set (can you say OCD?)
6. I will only eat Oscar Mayer bolongna and have been that way since the age of 4. Also, I sing the song in my head when spelling Oscar Mayer

Daryl said...

quirks ... habits ... i used to suck my thumb .. i used to smoke cigarettes ... i refuse to exercise ..

travel safe .. eat a lot of asian food .. hurry back

Angela said...

We are actually in the process of buying a long neglected house that looks similar to the first picture. Hopefully we can renovate instead of tear down. We hear snakes can be problem visitors in the area. So if you hear screams we may have found one or some!

Dghawk said...

It makes me really sad to see these homes abandoned. I wonder why they were never sold? Oh well.

Maybe they sold steamed crabs and crab cakes out of the old Tastee Freeze.

Have a good trip! Watch out for snow on Friday!