Thursday, February 14, 2013


This lovely old house lives in the middle of a field on a back road in Middlesex.

On my way home from Merroir on Saturday, I was able to slow
down long enough to snap a few shots as the sun was setting.

Today I had every intention of telling a story of an unusual recent incident,  however technical malfunctions (aka technical incompetence) prevented me from loading a picture without which the story is meaningless.

(I'm not too sure about that last sentence, it doesn't sit well with me. I feel certain my high school English teacher would keep me after class if I turned that in. Or mark it all up in red.  At least I'm aware of it even if I don't feel like making it better. What you may not know is that there were three other versions that were far worse.  I'm just tired of trying.  That I obsessed over it this much is a little disturbing. Also, when the parenthetical sidebars of a blog post are lengthier than the actual intended blog post content, it may be time to reconsider the topic or the blog post or at a minimum change the title to "Utterly Random, Incessant, Mindless, and Pointless Internal Chatter." Speaking of bad sentences, let's forget I wrote that last one. )

Where were we?

I took these on the way home from Merroir the other day and absolutely adore this run-down house.

The End.


deborah said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Daryl said...

Happy Valentine's Day ... eat a lot of chocolate, you'll find even run on sentences look good .. ��

Dghawk said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Happy Cupid's Day, and do I ever love the photos....the old house is like a coy, faded beauty peering out from a fan of tree branches.