Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Back Home

After a fun filled weekend that took Son, Daughter and me to downtown Washington, D.C., Monday was a very welcome lazy day thanks to the federal holiday.

The trip to DC is worthy of a blog post itself, however I didn't take my camera on any of our outings so there are no pictures to share, only memories of fabulous restaurants within walking distance of our hotel and shopping malls the size of Canada.

(Tyson's Corner has really expanded since I lived up there thirteen years ago. Also, they waited for me to move back to Mathews before incorporating a restaurant that pushes sushi out into the dining area on a conveyor belt.  Endless amounts of sushi. I didn't have any this time, but instead ate at a place where the first thing the hostess asked after we were seated was, "Do you want to switch out your napkin from white to black?"  When I politely inquired as to why I would want to do that, since I'd never been asked before, she explained that it's a personal preference. Some people ask for black linen to avoid white lint on their clothes.  I told her my white napkin was just fine and thanked her for her concern. I then wondered why they don't just do away with white napkins and only use black, but I was too engrossed in the mouth watering menu to worry about it any longer.)


We had a great time and having Monday off allowed us time to transition back into the Mathews way of life, which does not include sushi, Vietnamese restaurants, complimentary Amaretto at the end of a very fine Italian meal, and Trader Joes within walking distance.

It was a rough transition but one we made nevertheless.

Monday afternoon I took Daughter to her first soccer practice. She's trying out for the high school team. I  brought my camera thinking I'd go for a run and snap some photos after dropping her off.

I achieved the photo snapping but failed miserably at the running attempt.  It was just too darn cold.

These are from Williams Wharf.

I don't ordinarily let the cold stop me from running, because after the first mile I'm sweating no matter what.  But I just didn't have it in me and once I started taking these the motivation to do anything other than drive home and curl up in front of the Cooking Channel quickly subsided.

Before I go off on yet another tangent and tell you about my new favorite cooking show (My Grandmother's Ravioli), I'll end this by saying we had a fantastic get away and enjoyed having an extra day to recover and transition back to our reality.

I hope your weekend was great.


deborah said...

love the pictures!
Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend - how did your son like the schools? Glad you had a relaxation day, too!

Daryl said...

my weekend is pretty darn good ... no free after dinner drinks but i did get to spoil rachel alley a bit ... i believe the very best way to have children is to wait til they are adults and then adopt them from friends who did all the grunt work AND paid for their education .. did you make sure CBDaughter took notes so you don't have to do this again when its her turn to go college shopping? and you and mama big hair need to get on up here!

Meg McCormick said...

Thank you for including me in your Italian dinner Saturday night!

Dghawk said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I don't think you missed anything around here.

Anonymous said...

LOL I can just imagine your reaction to Tysons Corner if you haven't been there for 13 years. What did you think of the new metro tracks/stations? Quite a surprise, I'll bet. Never heard of having a choice in napkin color, LOL I'm usually just happy they're unstained. Betsy

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

deborah - He liked GWU, actually I did as well. What I didn't really like was the $45,000 base line tuition! Otherwise, not a problem! (He'll only go there if he doesn't get into UVA and GW extends a generous scholarship and I win the lottery. All of those things.)

Daryl-CB Daughter wanted no part of the college tour as much as I tried to coerce her into going. You've got the right idea adopting when they're older...

Meg - I TOTALLY FORGOT TO MENTION you joined us Saturday night, I was so focused on the free Amaretto. Folks, go to Filomena in Georgetown, you won't be sorry. Thanks to Meg, I am now an avid fan of Amaretto. Free Amaretto is even more delicious. Meg drank the complimentary sambuca with coffee beans floating in the glass. Fascinating to watch. Thanks for driving to G-Town to join us, Meg, we loved seeing you.

DGH-I don't think I missed much either. Was hoping we'd return to some snow but not a flake to be found.

Betsy - The Metro stuff is amazing. I've never seen more people in a mall in my life as Sunday at Tysons. It was so disturbing (for me, the kids loved it) I holed up in a restaurant with my college roommate the whole time. I think the place (which was the same place that asked if I wanted to trade out my linen) was called Seasons...Seasons 52 according to a Google search. All entrees were under 475 calories and it was some of the best salmon I've ever had. Still kicking myself that I didn't get some of that conveyor belt sushi though.