Friday, February 8, 2013


The deadish branches in the foreground look like antelope antlers.
By the way, there are no antelopes in Mathews.
We do have cantaloupes though, that rhymes.

Also at one point we had an escaped emu. True story.

The antelope branches from another angle.
Am I the only one whose brain works this way,
focusing on  Dr Seuss-like rhymes dead branches instead of the bigger picture,
which, by the way, is basically of nothing?

The trees  look like they are blowing smoke,
the way those clouds drift up to the left.
(The trees may not be the only ones blowing smoke.)

The Lone Ranger

These trees were brought to you courtesy of my last jaunt to Bethel Beach. The silly commentary was brought to you by one tired silly blogger.

Have a great weekend that hopefully includes a little laughter and silliness.  If you run out of silliness, just come talk to me.

There's plenty more where this came from.


deborah said...

Thank you being silly - I needed a laugh after the day I've had!

antelopes with cantaloupes
trees with knees
put a lime in the coconut
and shake it all up

Anonymous said...

Silly works, always ! I laughed out usual. I am so easy to amuse. Happy Weekend; hope you get to re-charge after an eventful week.

Anonymous said...

what ever happened to the Emu? The wife and kids saw it on the road in Dutton and my kids saw it near our house in Hudgins.

David D.

Daryl said...

they do look like antlers and those trees don't look old enough to smoke ... weekend here is going to be spent mostly indoors .. thar's a snowstorm a comin'

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

deborah - I like the way you think. Excellent!

LLC-Nothing makes me happier than knowing my silly stuff makes someone laugh. I live to laugh and if I can make someone else do it, even better.

David - I've not heard what happened to Mr. Emu, but I'm curious. I hope he's still out there somewhere. It lends even more credence to my theory that reality TV people need to set up shop here. What other place boasts 214 miles of shoreline, no stoplights, and one emu roaming wild? Can't make the stuff up.

Daryl-Hope you have plenty of provisions, and if not, there's Zabars right down the street. My favorite grocery store on the planet.

Country Girl said...

I've been crazy tired lately too. I was longing to sleep in tomorrow morning but have an appointment I made for 8 AM. Why do I do this to myself?

I love deborah's little ditty there, too ~

Anonymous said...

Deborah--that little ditty needs to be recorded!!!

Love the antelope horn photo. Looks like something Dr. Seuss would draw. Hope you guys are faring well with the storm. No snow here, but the winds are fairly strong. --Betsy