Friday, January 18, 2013

Zebra Boots

It's been raining since December every single day this week, and they're calling for snow tonight.

So I thought I'd put up these last few pictures of the sunny day at Bethel Beach when Waterman JP and I trudged through swamp the marsh and water to get to the old barn that hides back there.

Speaking of trudging through swamp the marsh, I finally retrieved the zebra print boots from my car.  Since it was raining and has been since December I needed them to take my dog for his walks through the flooded yard.

So here they are.

Zebra boots and my leopard print hat.
(Note, I've not worn them together yet 

but intend to if we get snow.)
Baby Sis painted the picture on the wall.

Middle Sis painted the three pictures behind the boots.

Personally, I am hoping we get tons of snow.  However, they say whatever we do get will melt by tomorrow.

Rain, snow, sleet, whatever.  My zebra boots and I are ready.

Bring it.

Have a fantastic weekend.


Anonymous said...

Chesapeake Bay Family has a lot of talented members...just making note. Of course you have a leopard hat to go with the zebra boots...ROOWWRR..

Country Girl said...

These look so fun. Wow - you have a talented family.

deborah said...

very stylish:)
Your family is so so talented!

Deltaville Jamie said...

They make me miss my magenta pink boots with the gold roosters on them.

Meg McCormick said...

Oh my gawd that HAT! So cute!! And the boots are pretty cool, too.

Mental P Mama said...

That is a beautiful vignette. Now I want some wine.

Daryl said...

damn ...

okay .. comment leaving take 2

now i wish i had bought you a tiger print scarf so you could wear a whole menagerie

lets hope that 'service unavailable' is not the response i get again to posting this

Dghawk said...

Cool! Very chic indeed. I don't know about up your way, but I didn't even have enough snow to get out the high-top ducks.

Anonymous said...

Watch out, the cougar from Urbanna might mistake u 4 food.Lol