Monday, January 21, 2013

The Weekend

These are a few weeks old, taken from Aarons Beach.

The sand there has been pushed up into the marsh
during various storms.  The beach is definitely shifting.

The weekend was busy but good.

Daughter's basketball team remains undefeated after barely pulling off another win Saturday night. They won by only one point in a very low scoring game, 21-20. It was absolutely excruciating to watch, and my throat is raw from screaming.

(Poor Mr. Junie Crosby, who sat next to us, probably still has ringing ears from all the commotion. Ann Marie, your father witnessed these antics from the other side of the court.  He can no longer say we don't do enough cheering.)

My mother and I have sufficiently embarrassed the county my father with our hollering and jumping up and down and what not, which includes stomping on the bleachers to (in theory) intimidate the opposition.

We I can't help it.

And they won! So all the embarrassment is well worth it.

Actually my mother and I are superstitious and believe that our antics helped propel the team to victory.  It all started in the Middlesex game when our bleacher thumping marked the point in the game where the tables turned and we gained control of the scoreboard.

Things have gotten progressively uglier/better (depending on whether you're asking my father or me) ever since.

There's another game at 5:30 tomorrow at home and one at 6:00 Thursday at West Point.

(Big Hair Envy, do you want to meet up? We could reminisce about the 1980-ish tournament we played in Back in the Day.)


After Saturday's game I went to a friend's birthday party and proceeded to laugh and laugh and laugh at all the stories told by some of my lifelong Mathews friends.


Today is a federal holiday, so I am in hog heaven enjoying a rare Monday off.

Life is good.

How was your weekend?


Kay L. Davies said...

Wonderful that you're having a day off. I won't say you work too hard, but you do drive too much.
Our weekend involved basketball, too, with my husband refereeing yesterday, and today we had brunch with one of the other refs, Larry, and his wife, Gayle, who look after our beloved Lindy when we travel.
A good time was had by all, and Lindy was sleeping on her window seat awaiting our return home. As my husband parked the car, a happy dog face popped up in the window, then disappeared. She had rushed off to find one of her squeaky toys with which to greet us at the door. Such fun.
We'll be traveling again in a couple of weeks, and our friends are getting excited about having Lindy "visit" at their house. They always take her to Saskatchewan to visit Gayle's mother, too.
Don't tell anyone I mentioned it here first, but our next trip involves a TransAtlantic voyage from Miami to Venice.
Exciting, but a little scary. I'll wave when the ship passes Mathews County, shall I?

deborah said...

hooray for your daughter's basketball team! I'm sure all of your cheering does help the team, it encourages them so much!
Enjoy your day off!

Daryl said...

my weekend was spent with good friends helping pack up sort out and reminisce about our friend who died Saturday morning .. it was a good sad happy fun day after which we all went to dinner, toasted our Wendy, and ate lots of food, sharing more stories with more laughter and tears ... today i am going to veg out ... xoxoox

Anonymous said...

The weekend was fun celebrating my grandson's 8th birthday...15 kids in a martial arts studio: chasing balloons across floor mats, making faces in the full length mirrors and wrestling with their good-natured Sensei...I savored each moment, because my grand kids,son and daughter in law will be moving to Seattle in 2 short weeks.
Today we went out for breakfast, so my grandson could have B'day pancakes...

Ann Marie said...

The antics were reported to me quite quickly! I think I got a call that night!