Friday, March 7, 2014

A Tale of Two Post Offices

This is Foster Post Office, conveniently located at Foster, Virginia.

Foster is the post office in Mathews you drop by if you want to start the process of obtaining a passport.

(I had to go here to pick up the application years ago when Son's class took a trip to Canada.)

(That paper machine on the left looks like it has eyes and a head.
And it's wearing a red coat.
It especially looks like this if you're suffering from sunlight deprivation.)

Yep, Foster is a full-service post office.

Below is the Mobjack Post Office.

Can't see it? Why it's right there. Next to the sign which declares it to be so.

The sign is taller than the (so-called) post office.
Also, if I wanted to buy some stamps here, I am assuming
I'd work with the pine tree to complete that transaction.

From a different angle.
(Nope, that building is not the post office.)

Anyway, this comparison of two post offices, one of which I'd like to suggest* might be more of a cluster of mailboxes near some very tall pine trees, is now coming to a close.

Have a fantastic weekend.

*I'm no expert on post offices.  But I'm pretty sure most people would expect there to be an actual office or at least a counter (?) if one is going to assign the label "post office" to anything.  Perhaps I'm just old-fashioned and stuck in my ways.  Either way, have a nice weekend.


Daryl said...

that is so funny ... i love the green roof on the first PO .. and the second one seem to be very efficient

Anonymous said...

Mathews has 16 "real" post offices (as "real" as anything is in Mathews) - not counting places like Mobjack, Miles, Redart or Shadow. So each post office in Mathews serves about 559 residents. The average US post office serves about 8400 residents. So Mathews post offices serve less than 7% as many people as avg post office.

Anonymous said...

LOL...considering the proposals floating around congress to turn post offices into some sort of financial centers, you may have to return to Mobjack to see whether there are any squirrels in the pine tree training to use adding machines.
Even on a Friday night, your posts crack me up.

Meg McCormick said...

I've noticed they don't have the stamp vending machines in our post offices anymore. Do you suppose that's so you have to go to the window, which makes more work for the clerks, which equals job security??