Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Wistful is the word that comes to mind when trying to combine my thoughts about these photographs with my thoughts in general.  My thoughts in general are muddled, because I'm still not feeling 100%.  However, Life doesn't care about that; she's still tossing things my way expecting me to catch them perfectly whenever she feels like tossing.

I'm OK, just wish there were a break somewhere in sight and that I felt a little better.  This too shall pass.  It always does.

Anyway, I hope your week is going well and that your thoughts are less wistful and more optimistic.  Mine will get there, just as soon as we have some consistently warm, sunny weather for starters.

For some real entertainment,  click here to read my mother's blog post  about my father's latest feud with the furnace.  Furnaces, that is.


Deltaville Jamie said...

I'm coming down this weekend for my mini vacation. I'm very please that Saturday is going to be 72 and only 10% chance of rain. I plan to go wild and take off my shoes at the beach. Then I plan on having a chocit shake. And I'll do this and pretend there isn't the threat of snow on Tuesday/Wednesday.

Meg McCormick said...

I so get where you're coming from, sister. Hang in there; soon it HAS to get warm and they days are already getting longer...

In the meantime, know what I've started doing? Yoga. There's a Youtube series I like called Yoga with Adriene. She seems like she'd be fun to hang out with. She has 2 beginner videos, one very basic and only 20 mins, and another also very basic and 40 minutes. After a week of doing it almost daily I am feeling stronger and taller and maybe even calmer. Try it.

Anonymous said...

Feel better..other parents should host a sleepover weekend for CB daughter and for CB son,so that you can have a marathon sleep session and wake up only in the event of sunshine and warmer temps that will allow you to soak up some Vit. D. Flu this year is a hard-hitter; I lost my uncle, within days of his first symptom.
Your mom's furnace tale is divertido y wunderbar.