Monday, March 10, 2014


These houses and trees live down Mobjack.

(That one trip to Mobjack a few weeks back sure produced a lot of photos.)

A bird was resting comfortably on the front stoop 
of his house as I slowed down to take his picture.

Although this particular little bird stayed on his front stoop, the bird known as Chesapeake Bay Woman flew the coop this past weekend.  I traveled to Delaware to visit my friend Iris. It was great to get away for a much-needed break, but Life didn't seem to want to let me have too much of a diversion.  I came down with what sounds like walking pneumonia bronchitis on Saturday.  (Insert the sound of a heavy sigh--abruptly interrupted by a hacking cough--here.)

In other news, Daughter made the high school varsity soccer team. She is one of five girls on the team of twenty-two.  There are two home games this week: Tuesday and Friday nights.

I hope my (self-diagnosed) bronchitis improves by Tuesday, so I can assume my proper place in the stands screaming and hollering at full capacity.

Have a great, cough-free week.


Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself, and get over that infection. Someone can record you screaming and rooting on the team, to play in the stands Tues. night.
As for Mon., your coworkers will understand if you take an extra day to get over that cough. (I used to be plagued by such maladies until I began working in classrooms. After the first year, I seemed to develop immunity to viruses which swirled around me each year.)
Best of luck to the team and to your recuperation.

deborah said...

Hi! so sorry to hear that you are sick, hope you get better soon. The crud seems to be going around here too.
Congratulations to CBW' daughter! Love to watch soccer

Meg McCormick said...

Ugh, it sucks to be sick. Hope your ailment clears up soon!