Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Grace Providence

Grace Providence Church overlooks the Mobjack Bay, where the North and East rivers converge.

Click here for a 2010 post about this quaint church and the lovely lot on which it lives.


The winter weather they were calling for arrived yesterday.  We saw rain, sleet and snow.  School was cancelled, and I was dismissed from work at 11:00.  It only took me two hours to drive home.  Son managed to work his car into a ditch in front of the Gwynn's Island bridge.  The story behind that is better left untold for now, mostly because I'm trying to forget it ever happened I need to go to sleep soon.  He's fine, nobody was hurt.

The End.

Other than that it was just another day in paradise around here.

Serenity now.


Anonymous said...

This too shall pass...very glad the car suffered the only damage (besides your nerves). Lovely church photos, and "grace" is actually the key word, considering that your son walked away from his mishap.
Two hour commute home ? Grace had nothing to do with THAT...
We have a bit of rain in California, and by God, we LIKE it...

Meg McCormick said...

Welp, he had to learn to drive on slippery roads at some point, right? I always think of when my son was 6 and riding his bike down a hill at breakneck speed, towards me, and I saw his front wheel wobble and he turfed and ended up with a bloody mouth. No teeth damaged, thankfully, but even as he was wailing and blood was everywhere, I knew he had to learn that lesson on his own in order to have respect for speed and grade. I feel it's much the same with teenagers - only the stakes are way higher. Hang in there Mama!

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, your poor son. Always awful, that first time in the ditch. When it happened to me, I was driving a Volkswagen, and only the front end was in the ditch. My brother (in the Navy, home on leave) and a friend lifted up the front of the car and put it back on the road.
Lack of brothers and uncles on your side might keep your son out of other ditches. Then again, might not. Fear alone might do it.
Love the church photos.

Dghawk said...

Sorry to hear of Son's encounter with a ditch, and glad he's ok. I have never understood why businesses close up and more or less DEMAND that you leave in the middle of a snow storm. My work has done that a couple of times, but I would have rather worked the rest of my shift and leave after all the others on the road are basically gone. Luckily I don't have to drive in high volume traffic or on the interstate. My Dad gave me the best advice for driving on snow and ice, and so far I've stayed out of the ditches. He told me to give it only enough gas to keep the wheels rolling. If you start sliding or your wheels start spinning, back off on the gas. Maybe that will help.

Love that church.