Monday, January 12, 2015

Half a Century

L to R:  Old Fart from Mathews, Middle Sis from Georgia, Laurie from California, Lauren from Nashville, Angie from King and Queen, Baby Sis, and Meg from Maryland.

This weekend marked the first time in my life I've ever donned a fake mustache pink cowboy hat and boa, and it also marked the first time I've ever turned 50.

Baby Sis concocted a scheme that involved some very dear blog friends traveling from near and far to help ease my transition from nursing home to funeral home Forty Something to Officially 50.

Evidently, that transition has to include mustaches, because two people brought them.

A picture of all of us us wearing these--which I'd really rather forget-- exists on Facebook, sadly.
Certain Sisters find it absolutely hilarious. I'm hoping I get some sort of credit from the universe for indulging them. (I'm not counting on it, though. In fact, I expect to see that same photo blown up poster-size at every family event we ever have into perpetuity.)

I could explain the theme of the party, but it's a very long story.  If you google Winnebago Man, that would be a starting point. But only a starting point and not the focus of this post.  

Sisters, Parents and Daughter.  Son had already returned to college.
(Don't tell Baby Sis her eyes are--once again!--closed here.  It's payback for the mustache picture on Facebook.)

Eyes wide open.

I'd really love to know what we're all looking at here.  I honestly have no idea, but clearly someone was doing something.

Parents, Sisters and The Infamous Catherine

Parents, Sisters and Blog Sisters

Parents, Sisters and Dino--our adopted brother.  He's from Morocco.

Daddy and Me.
He turns 74 later in the month.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.  And, yes, Virginia, CBW still has her Christmas tree up.
Dear Santa Claus, can you come back and drop off a few elves to help me with some chores? This is the off-season for y'all now, right? Thanks! I really appreciate it. P.S. Do they also do windows?

Middle Sis and her BFF from high school, Judy

Lauren from Nashville

Bud, Billy and Glenda 

Devan and my father

Alda, Larry and Lisa

Theresa and Teresa

I thank my family, especially my Baby Sis, for throwing together this semi-surprise of a celebration.  I am grateful to have friends and family, good health, and knees that didn't give out in all the dancing that took place.

(I might have hyper-extended one knee, though, and I think I sprained my pinky finger--don't ask-- but if that's the worst that happens at a 50th birthday celebration, I'll take it. Gladly.)

And now, post-Thanksgiving, post-Christmas, post-Son's surgery, post-New Year's Eve, and post-50th birthday, I look forward to life returning to normal.

Whatever that is.


Anonymous said...

Very delightful photos.. your dad is looking quite The Man, surrounded by so much female energy for the weekend, (except for the big blowout with all the locals, whose photos often involve water and riding in boats).
I love the demure portrait of you sitting by your birthday, dressed in sophisticated black--yet behind your shoulders rests a festive sombrero...
!Ole! Que Viva La Janice ! 50 never looked better !

Annie said...

Ah, a Happy Birthday to you CBW. Glad you have survived the birthday as well as the holiday season. Thinking of you and hope you enjoy the return to normality. May God go with you for the next 50 years also. I love that you have such a wonderful family and of course wonderful friends also.

Country Girl said...

What a wonderful celebration! Thanks for sharing all the photos. So glad you enjoyed the weekend. Happy 50th, you spring chicken, you.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!!! 50 looks good on you, as does the sombrero and mustache. Betsy

Debbie said...

Well you do not look 50! I'm thrilled your blog sisters (2 of mine) could come and I know you had a hoot of a time with all the celebrating! YAY!

foolery said...

You set the "50" bar mighty high for the rest of us mere mortals, CBW - but you do in all things. Much love to you and your fantastic family and friends, each and every one a peach.

Robert Julian Braxton said...

my spouse was in pain overnight and with right ankle swollen - such power at such distance (we're in Fairfax). Anyway, very happy ...

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Well, that'll be the last time you say "my door is always open" - lest you end up with 4 houseguests for two nights!

I enjoyed watching your dad during the party - he was enjoying watching YOU have a great time. Priceless.

Glad to have been part of the memory-making effort!

Edward Anderson said...

Good Times!
Happy Birthday...

Mental P Mama said...

It was such an honor, as always, to be with y'all! You rocked that mustache. And we'll get them back for that some day.... Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed your 50th! No better medicine than laughing with good friends. I will be joining the club soon. How does this happen so fast? Enjoyed looking at your pic's!