Friday, January 2, 2015

Tin Can Alley

This quaint cottage sits on a prime piece of real estate on Gwynn's Island in an area known as Tin Can Alley. Middle Sis and I drove over here on a little sightseeing tour when she was home for Christmas.

Our grandmother used to take us swimming here when we were kids. Click here for that story, written back in 2008 when this blog was just a baby. The post also references this as a public access, which has been up for much very heated debate of late.  I'll steer clear of that argument and only say that when I was a child, it was never an issue to go swimming there.

Also, these pictures were taken from the road, so I wasn't trespassing. I promise.

Happy 2015.


Daryl said...

happy healthy wishes for a wonderful 2015 ..

Robert Julian Braxton said...

We ride our bicycles "all over." This is near the road on the way to the campground (new owners). People used to come down to the end of North Bayhaven Road, also. They would go swimming. Since "our" land / beach is not far (in the direction toward Cherry Point) the beach goers would sometimes "spill over" into the nice white sand beach. My spouse (now age 71) has been going to the same location on vacation from around age 5 (her two brothers are older by 16 and 14 years). Next to "our" property is for sale a very nice house (has geothermal heating and cooling) and at least six acres of land, lots of beach front. By end of the century, looking forward to "underwater" in the literal sense. (That already happened, briefly, in the Great Storm of 1933 when much of Mathews County was under water). I don't know about the end of the century, but maybe I'll be able to check up (and check in) on my 114th in 2058.

Julie said...

Nice area!