Monday, January 26, 2015


Sunday afternoon I arrived home from yet another fiftieth birthday celebration, this time for my friend Laura Lane.  Several high school friends converged on an oceanfront hotel in Virginia Beach, and my college roommate Iris also was in town for her daughter's volleyball game.  There was lots of fun and frivolity, but not a lot of rest and sleep. There also didn't appear to be much behavior typically associated with fifty-year-olds.  One of the two rooms we were in was visited by the hotel security guard, who issued a warning for noise.

(Please note, I was not in that particular room.  I was as quiet as a church mouse.  Well, a more accurate statement is at the time the warning was issued, I was dancing the night away downstairs in the hotel lounge. So, for the record, I was not in violation of any hotel policies.)

A n y w a y... this heron spent the better part of  Sunday afternoon lollygagging on this pole across the creek from me.

At times he looked like a one-legged heron--especially from the angle below.

But eventually I caught him standing on both legs.

My own two legs are a little sore from Saturday night's dancing.  I view it as cross training for some upcoming races, one of which is a 10K on Valentines Day at a local winery. (Click here for details.)  I can't think of a better motivation to exercise than chocolate and wine.

And I can't think of a better cross-training exercise than dancing with lifelong friends in the middle of January in an oceanfront hotel in Virginia Beach.

Have a great week.


GiveLive Hug said...

You are blogging beautiful creatures and running a 10k... I am blogging old lady feet and running 7 miles because for no reason at all! There wasn't even a medal. Ok I got a bloodymary.. or 2 and maybe 2 mimosas.. ok the 7 miles was worth it..


Robert Julian Braxton said...

now that is one upstanding blue heron

Deltaville Jamie said...

I saw a blue heron the other day while hiking through snow in the rain (because I can't imagine any other way to prepare for hiking 40 miles in potentially miserable weather than to hike in miserable weather). But the one I saw wasn't standing, nor would he be anytime soon, or ever, poor guy.

Julie said...

Oh the life of a Blue Heron...