Wednesday, January 28, 2015


These were taken back in December 2012 from the public landing at the Sea Breeze over on Gwynn's Island. I've been so busy here lately, there's been no opportunity to take new photographs.  

Monday night it snowed just enough to postpone Tuesday night's basketball game against Charles City.  They will instead play tonight.  I confess the delay was a relief. Not only was I exhausted from a brutally long day at work, but Daughter has been enduring a sore throat, which I'm hoping will clear up by the time the game rolls around.

Other than that, I'm doing three people's jobs busy at work, busy at home.

Busy, busy, busy.  With no end in sight.

Happy Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Hope you & Maria both feel more chipper by tonight ! No over-doing it...The Nordic in me is just happy to see it remain relatively light outside until nearly 6 p.m.
Not that it is light outside in the early morning... 10 years ago when my grandson was being born, I was in touch with my son by cellphone and he called at 5 a.m. to notify me that he and my D I L were at the hospital-- and to come offer moral support at the birth. I had to drive in the dark 20 min. by freeway to the hospital and took the exit he recommended. I had not yet gotten eyeglasses for driving and found my dire need for them when I mistook a sign that bore a symbol for a railroad station: I-I (like a broad "H", meant to resemble a track) for the sign directing motorists(frantic expectant grandma-to-be, driving down unfamiliar, darkened streets) to the nearest hospital with the big "H" symbol. I turned and ended up passing rail station and ended up in a cul-de-sac trailer park. I phoned my poor son, who was coaching his laboring wife. "I don't know this town, and now I am at a trailer park!! Do you know where the trailer park is ? How far am I from the hospital ?" Poor guy, I half expected he might know where I was-- (no GPS then) and how I could get to the hospital...Hearing both parents-to-be exclaiming and yelling in the midst of labor pains, I said I'd figure it out...and eventually once it grew light I found some familiar street names, and the hospital. I never drive without glasses now; lesson learned.

Meg McCormick said...

Man, I know the busy drill too. I'm in triage mode right now. If it's not A-list it doesn't get done, and that will have to be fine for now.

Edward Anderson said...

Will CBW ever get a break?

Robert Julian Braxton said...

each time we visit Mad Calf Lane we plan to enjoy one evening meal at the Sea Breeze.