Friday, January 9, 2015


The first Mathews High School girls' basketball game of 2015 was Tuesday night at home against King William.  In spite of an ugly first half, which was painfully sluggish likely due to the two-week Christmas break, we came out fighting in the second half and WON.

This is my neighbor Ann, who lives at the home known as Clifton.  She hails from South Africa and brought along some fans who currently live in Australia.  It's a little known secret that Mathews County girls basketball games attract a diverse, international crowd. It's the hottest ticket in town, and at five bucks a pop, what a bargain!  That five-dollar ticket includes musical entertainment in the form of a cow bell, which is fervently rung whenever MHS ties or comes ahead in the score.  

Here Daughter stretches to steal a pass.

Here, Daughter styles and profiles her new Game Do.
One of her BFFs braids it for her. I lack that skill set. 

Here, Daughter gives me the look that says, "Are you done with that camera yet?" But she'd actually say it more politely, as in "Hey, thanks, Mom, but I got this.  You can relax with the camera now. Also, I'm not so sure about that cowbell you've been bringing to games either.
Love you though!" She's nice like that.

In any case, both the JV and varsity teams have been on fire recently.  We also won against formidable Charles City Thursday evening, by a wide margin.  The games are hard-fought and more than a little stressful for those of us in the stands, but the girls are playing a really good game of basketball, and there is lots of potential ahead.

They do need a Chesapeake Bay Woman Rebounding Seminar, because they don't seem to want to jump for a rebound, to fight for a rebound, to go after a rebound like your life depends on it!  And because they stand flat-footed waiting for the ball to magically jump into their hands on the rebound, it makes me do insanely crazy things like holler instructions from the stands as if they (a) care and (b) can hear and (c) see (a).


In other news.

Last night on the way home from Charles City, the odometer on my Saturn hit 200,000 miles.  This weekend, my personal odometer will hit 50 years of age.  Both of those numbers are absolutely shocking to me, but both of us are chugging along just fine in spite of the numeric horrors.

My sisters have concocted some sort of 200,000th birthday celebration that hopefully will take into consideration the fact that I really need my weekend afternoon nap will find us all safely preserved and intact by the time Middle Sister returns to Georgia Sunday afternoon.

If there are pictures to share, I'll post them here next week.  Knowing my two sisters, however, it's probably best if there isn't too much photographic evidence of whatever it is they're scheming.

In any case, I wish you a wonderful weekend.


Deltaville Jamie said...

I really miss high school girls basketball. Really, I miss cheering/screaming during high school girls basketball games. We weren't allowed to use cow bells or air horns which is probably a good things except I don't really need one. Midge told me once that a girl she was guarding on the other team asked "Is that your mother?!" My car turned 100,000 miles a few months back. Currently is has a headlight out that I guess I'll have to do something about at some point. I could make some sort of analogy about myself and the car but that would lead to discussion of headlights and that would be inappropriate. We'll just say it's good the car's headlights don't sag.

Robert Julian Braxton said...

Happy 50 (and 200,000). At any of the Easter Sunday morning services you can ring that cow bell at Burke Presbyterian Church, Burke, VA - spouse retired 2011 as Senior Pastor (Emerita) after 27 years.

Debbie said...

Next month I'll be hitting the SIXTY mark.It's hard to even type it!

Happy Birthday early and I hope you have a fantastic one. 50 is still very young :)

Anonymous said...

Here's to More Mileage (you & the car) and ever More Cowbell !!
From a Lady Blue Devils Fan

Anonymous said...

Happy 50th

Your latest entry reminded me of an old favorite SNL skit:

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Hahaaaa! I don't fear the reaper or the cow bell. No such thing as too much cow bell! (Love that clip.)