Friday, February 27, 2015


Miller's Cove,  Queens Creek

No amount of denial can change the fact that Mathews County received significant snowfall on top of snow on top of more snow Wednesday evening and into Thursday.

These shots of my front yard were taken from my porch Thursday morning.

Believe it or not, my driveway is in this picture.  Can't see it?  Neither can I.  You can't see my new-to-me car either, which I've nicknamed the  Skid Mobile.  I parked it at the very end of my driveway, in the hopes I may get out one day.  I'm aiming for 2016.  I'd like to be able to drive to see my daughter graduate high school.  We'll see. 

Although the newscasters--who sit comfortably an hour or two away--claimed that the snow would stop on Thursday morning and the sun might even peek out, that didn't happen.

Actually, that was fine with me.  My work was closed, school was closed, and if I'm going to be trapped inside, I'd prefer it be dark and gloomy outside.  If the sun were shining, I'd feel compelled to be doing something more productive than cooking clam chowder and seafood pasta and chocolate cakes and things like that.

I'm not sure what it is about a storm that makes me want to cook, but it's a compulsion.  Daughter and I eat well around here during a storm.

Daughter is not done with basketball yet, believe it or not.  School hasn't been in session  since September  regularly these past couple of weeks making the conference tournament--which decides who goes to regionals--very difficult. Not only have the games been cancelled but the school closings mean the team hasn't been able to practice.  The first tournament game against West Point was downright ugly. Really ugly. Daughter was so angry at herself for missing so many shots during a portion of the game that she was actually crying on the bench.  I've seen her cry once after a game, but never during one.  She was extremely upset with herself. But she snapped out of it quickly.

And somehow we won the game.

Now we're waiting on the weather to break so the next game can be played.

Or so the team can at least practice.

Or so we can locate our driveway get out of our driveway.

We're basically waiting.

On spring.


Anonymous said...

Brrr.... but also awesomely beautiful. Besy

Robert Julian Braxton said...

beautiful the snow