Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Bright Spot

Pulling into the driveway after Yet Another Long Day at work, I caught a glimpse of the moon making its appearance for the evening over Queens Creek. After grabbing all the grocery bags from the car, trudging up the steps and throwing everything on the kitchen counter, I dashed into the back yard with my camera for just a minute; and for just a minute I was able to ignore the chaos reality occurring in the house behind me.

Daughter, busy doing homework after basketball practice, was starving; the dog needed this; the cat needed that. The dirty dishes stacked high in the kitchen sink were talking about me--and snickering-- behind my back. Even the groceries were complaining, loudly, that I was too slow and wasn't putting them away fast enough.

Or so it seemed.

In the midst of the perceived chaos at home after a day of actual chaos at work*, I was grateful for the minute I had with the moon in the back yard with my camera.

Very grateful.

*Like this moon over Queens Creek after work, there was one very bright spot in my day at work.  A friend surprised me by delivering a home-cooked lunch of mashed potatoes and roast beef to my office. Given that all I'd brought to eat was a handful of grapes, which I'd choked down by 10 a.m., and also given that I love mashed potatoes so much I was called Potato Woman in college, this surprise made all the day's stresses seem immaterial.  

Because, really, in the presence of homemade mashed potatoes made from homegrown potatoes, everything else--including chaos--must be secondary. 

I'm pretty sure that's one of the Laws of Nature. If not, I hereby nominate it to be one.


Robert Julian Braxton said...

I peeled all the potatoes we had on hand - family four joined the two of us for Tuesday supper. I cut up the potatoes, spouse boiled (at the proper time) and mashed them. Lots left over - I look forward. Moon smooth and sooth-ing.

Anonymous said...

Ahh Potato Woman! Your posts have such a peel. There's always a spud of genius in them. As for the moon, that's what I call a super moon. And it isn;t even time for the Super Moon yet. Betsy

Meg McCormick said...

I too spent several minutes communing with the moon last evening. Looking up at the light gave me some perspective I really needed. Your photos are stunning, Potato Woman!

Anonymous said...

Well, Potato Woman, I am over the moon about your 3rd photo!! Are there in existence many moonlight reflections in water--yes, there are, but not many with a shimmery silver column reflected like that !! Really outstanding...and you have done so many lovely Queens Creek photos.
AS your self-appointed, albit amateur literary agent, I still hope someday that you and your mom can do a collaborative humorous book--or at least an article. Now I am thinking that as a published author, you might well put out a well-received, photographic "cawffee" table book about seasons in Queen's Creek. In the 5 or 6 years that I have followed your blog, I have certainly seen enough of your beautiful photos to fill a book...(and such a book would not take the time that writing witty,text-heavy material with CBMother might require.)You could look up meaningful quotes that resonate with you, to go with some of the photos.(People use the term "resonate" a lot in CA).
I am glad to know that the marvelous setting and moonlight can inspire and energize you after such long and crazed workdays!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

RJB - Sounds delicious.

Betsy - Thank you for your clever words!

Meg-It was a very calming moon, that's for sure. (Different topic: Counting down the days until we see my future husband Harry Connick, Jr., live! CAN'T WAIT.)

LLC - You are such a wonderful soul with such kind words that always resonate with me! I hereby hire you to be my official agent. The coffee table book has been on my list for years, but life keeps getting in the way. Maybe when Daughter is off at college I can focus on it. What I really think we need is a reality TV program based on the characters in Mathews; it would be simultaneously hilarious, entertaining, heartwarming and even educational. Lots of ideas swirling, just no ability to implement anything. Wait, I just hired an agent, that's a step in the right direction...


Thank you all for reading and commenting. Your words have been yet another bright spot in a busy week.

growing wild on waverly lane said...

Oh Potato Woman, they already made that movie about the characters in Mathews: Sordid Lives.

Anonymous said...

CBW, as your agent, I must stress that aforementioned projects are for future years when life settles down, as I am well aware of your current need for naps and catching up on sleep in general.
Thank you for hiring me. I work pro bono and gratis for talent such as yours !

bella said...

It's surprising to me you can get anything done with those beautiful views out there. Now if I could only get a friend to deliver my lunch I'd be set. =)

Annie said...

Always good to catch up here CBW.
Hope you are having a well earned rest over the weekend, with not too much driving, or white stuff falling from the sky.

On another note, I thought of you when I read this article about (red) crabs on Christmas Island. It sounds almost worse than your blue crab invasions.

hope it works..

Anonymous said...

You may have seen that Mathews made the list of 50 best small towns in America. Ranked at # 50, and median age is 50 also ! (Also a mention is that it ranked among top ten American towns in another poll.) ...LLC

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Bella - I definitely appreciate the views, they rarely fail to help me relax.

Annie - Love the crab story!

LLC - That news has been making the rounds on Facebook, although I've not read the actual write-up yet. Heading off to do that now, thanks for the link.

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