Friday, February 13, 2015

This and That

These are recycled from February 2013 but are as good as new to me since I haven't seen them in a while. This dock and boat, in their advanced state of deterioration, really appeal to me.

But then again I don't get out much.

And I'm very easily entertained.

Growing up in Mathews in the days before technology, the back yard was the cable TV, the internet, the cell phone, the Netflix, everything. You made your own fun.  Luckily I've not forgotten those days and am still very much amused by almost nothing at all.

It's either a life skill or some form of insanity, I'm not sure which.

Not to sound like a broken record, but things are busier than ever at work and at home--especially work. This weekend is a long one, though, thanks to the federal holiday on Monday.

Saturday morning bright and early, Baby Sis and I will jog a 10K over in New Kent at a winery, a first for us.  We'll trot up and down hills and meander through neighborhoods and with any luck be rewarded with wine and chocolate at the finish.  I dread the running in this cold, cold weather but look forward to the rest.

Baby Sis is trying to talk me into seeing a band in Richmond on Saturday night, after the 10K.

Something tells me after the week I've had and the early morning jog in frigid temperatures, I'll be ready for nothing more than a very long nap Saturday evening. And staring out my window onto Queens Creek from the comfort, warmth and quiet of my warm living room.

But we'll see.

I hope your weekend is fantastic.

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Robert Julian Braxton said...

Back yard in 1950's rural route 1 Graham, NC, was our grandfather's 200-acres of wood lot and (mostly tobacco) fields, more woods than crop. Our son, born 1971, the back yard was parks in New York City, especially Central Park but also the park next to Gracie Mansion (we lived nearby). In NJ the back yard was the steep "mountain" side where on our way up we encountered (visually) a nest of timber rattlesnakes (and three toddler age friends). Now the grandchildren (2007 and 2011) backyard is our heptagon tree-house space ship imagination fort up in the low growing crab apple.