Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This shot of our creek is unusual in that there's no wind blowing. In this particular instance, this is not the calm before a storm. In my particular instance, this represents the calm before my impending storm, otherwise known as a family camping trip.

Tomorrow we leave for a week's vacation trapped in a camper on the Eastern Shore. I am anything but calm due to the lack of internet access I will endure. When I say endure, I mean cry incessantly about.

Also, I have done almost nothing to prepare for this trip, other than talk about lack of internet access, and I have to work all day today at the paying job.

If anyone needs tips on how to procrastinate and avoid work (or life), come see me. I can sum it up in a few brief sentences, all of which include the word "internet."


Anonymous said...

What you so quaintly refer to as a "creek" is bigger than the "river" that was closest to where I grew up. Yours looks beautiful.

Have fun camping! Better you than me on that one... roughing it to me is a hotel that doesn't provide toiletries or a free newspaper.

tj said...

...lol...So that's a CREEK where you live? For goodness sakes, that's a friggin' lake here! ;o) Very pretty CBW! Do you look out your windows to that view? It's beautiful!

...I'm feeling your pain with the camping trip and all. I'm happy to say we just sold our camper last week and bought a boat. I'm really not the camping 'type' and I find it a chore more than a pleasure. I like to go where there are no stoves and beds that have to be made by me or trips that require me to grocery shop and then load said groceries into the husbands-sorry-excuse-for-a-vacation-on-wheels... Dear hubby was sad to see it going down our driveway while I was behind him doing the Tiger Woods victory move...lol... :o)

...We'll all be facing our own addiction here 'til you return! Enjoy your vacation and have fun!

...Blessings... :o)

Mental P Mama said...

Oh I am going to miss visiting with you while you are away. But if I can stress anything in your preparation, it is to bring plenty of wine. You can thank me when you return.

bighairenvy said...

I agree with mental p mama - take plenty of wine. And bug spray! Have a wonderful trip :)

Bear Naked said...

Yep, Wine, Bug Spray and Books.
Have a wonderful time.
You will be missed.
*See* you next week.

kaffy said...

What a great picture. I feel calmer just looking at it. Have a great time! I'd have to agree with the wine suggestion. Relaxation is the key to success on this vacation. Don't forget to jot things down in your travel journal if you have the energy. Love to hear a play-by-play of your adventures when you return.

Keeper Of All Things said...

That creek is beautiful!!!

foolery said...

This is my third favorite photo from your site. Breathtaking.

I was away from youse guys for FIVE WHOLE DAYS last month, but after the initial shakes, cold sweats and full-on DTs passed, it was fine. You'll be fine. Just remember to take a Big Gulp cup and an industrial-strength non-collapsible straw for your beverage of choice, be it coffee or otherwise.

Have fun, and make notes in the margins of your potboiler!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I treasure each and every one of you and your comments. Thanks to you all.

I will have one final post tomorrow before The Internet Detox Program begins (against my will, may I add). It will include an assignment to complete while I'm away, so stay tuned.

tj said...

...We're gonna be sufferin' withdrawals from you not bein' here for a week and you're giving us homework? Seriously?


... ;o)

auds at barking mad said...

Good Lord! If that's a creek where you live, I'm not sure what to call the little "trickles"? up here. Wow.

As always, amazing shot.

Have a great time camping and if you start to fret too much about no 'net access, send a smoke signal and I'll have a carrier pigeon bring out my valium necklace for you.

You are far braver than I...for I can NOT do that camping thing, be it tent, trailer, camper, or RV...in my book, camping is synonymous with BUGS and THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT!

Have fun!