Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Crab Apple Tree

This crab apple tree in our yard has been around since before I was born, which was right around the time the wheel was invented.

I remember playing under and climbing in this tree. Although it has threatened to die on us many times through the years, it still produces crab apples, which are good for the following:

1. Falling onto the ground, rotting and attracting wasps. Barefooted (or barefoot? barefeeted?) children and folks on tractors cutting grass do not care much for rotting apples that attract wasps. Also, the thought of sitting on tractors with moving blades that go over rotting crab apples and wasps while simultaneously pushing low-hanging branches out of the way to avoid falling off onto rotting fruit and stinging wasps is causing me to swat nervously at the air and is bringing tears to my eyes, so let's move on to the next possible use for crab apples....shall we?

2. Crab apple jelly;

3. I have no earthly idea what crab apples are good for.

All I can tell you is one summer my mother made crab apple jelly, and I recall it was OK. Nobody ever really ate them, nobody made pie out of them, just the jelly.

I feel wasps crawling all over me and I'm starting to smell rotten apples. I have to go now.

On an entirely unrelated note, on Thursday of this week through Thursday of next week, I will be trapped on the Eastern Shore of Virginia in a camper with NO laptop, NO internet access, NO ability to read or comment on blogs, and NO access even to a library for a quick pit stop to feed my addiction. Can someone please tell me what the remedy is for internet addiction and how best to cope with withdrawals? I am already feeling the twinges and flinches and sometimes I feel a seizure coming on at the prospect of no internet access. Is there a 12-step program of some kind? Help!


tj said...

...Good Morning CBW! Wine. Two glasses every day, sometimes twice a day depending on the severity of the ;o)

...You know, I never did know what the purpose was behind the crabapple tree. If they're not fit for human consumption or as a benefit to wildlife then what?

...And thanks for the heads-up regarding you leaving. Now excuse me while I begin my CBW rehab'(*sigh*)...

...Blessings... :o)

Mental P Mama said...

I love crab apple jelly! And about your trip...good luck with that. I don't think I could do it. Just take a box of books with you...and a few cases of wine.

Grandma J said...

I remember the good ole crab apple trees on my grandmother's farm. I climbed them and that's the only memory I have.
As far as your blogging withdrawals? I have no idea, that's the one thing I'll miss on my cruise, and subsequent month in So CA. I don't own a laptop, and most of my relatives don't know I blog. In retrospect, something CBW should have thought about.
I don't drink so the only thing left is to bite the bullet, since it would be too drastic to shoot one's self...(hmmm grandma j making mental note to self).

Oh, have fun camping.

Bear Naked said...

May I suggest bringing books, books and more books while you are on vacation.
And a journal also so you can write down EVERYTHING that is happening.
Hope you have a wonderful time.

foolery said...

I'm going to be serious here, just for a moment: the best vacation idea I ever had (and followed through) was keeping a travel journal. At first it was a real day-to-day journal of our activities, sites visited, etc., but it changed. We were crammed into a car traveling all day, every day for almost two weeks, and the best I could do was to write down (verbatim) every funny comment made. It was my family's version of comedy gold.

If Chesapeake Bay Offspring are HALF as funny as their mom, your journal will become a family heirloom. And good blog fodder for weeks to come.


Anonymous said...

YOUR withdrawal? What about your loyal readers??? Gawd, you are so selfish that way.

KIDDING! All advice previously proffered makes sense to me, except I might substitute gin for wine, but that's really variations on a theme.

And by the way, long lost kin? We had a crabapple tree, too, where I grew up.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

It's settled. I'll drink lots of wine.

Also, my children ARE hilarious and we have kept travel journals before that I read over and over. What great idea to actually transfer those into blog material.

Thanks to all of you, and now I must trot off to everyone else's sites for commenting.

Did I mention that I am addicted to the internet? Very seriously addicted?

Anonymous said...

Someone should invent some Internet Methadone to help quell the shakes. Maybe there's a clinic...

kaffy said...

What a great idea about the travel journal. Foolery knows best.
By the way CBW, what IS that thingy hanging on the trunk of the tree. Looks ominous.

cats said...

Did anyone mention that crab apples are good for throwing at your little cbw sisters? I bet you did that as a child. crabapple fights,HUH? A very nice picture of a tree.
LOve ya, cbw cousin

cats said...

Did anyone mention that crab apples are good for throwing at your little cbw sisters? I bet you did that as a child. crabapple fights,HUH? A very nice picture of a tree.
LOve ya, cbw cousin

Anonymous said...


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