Sunday, June 15, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Today I nearly threw my computer into the creek. It's been acting up in ways that are not natural, so just in case I can't get back on here for a while, I wanted to stick this up as a placeholder.

With any luck it will keep functioning properly, because I have quite the picture to show you from my Little Sister's visit this weekend. To refresh your memory, click on the Sibling Rivalry post and the subsequent comments. Pay particular attention to the sparring on the topic of LIPSTICK stains on my glasses and coffee cups.

I will be displaying some exhibits which will prove my case once and for all.

Stay tuned. I hope to have it up by tomorrow night or Tuesday, assuming the computer is not at the bottom of the creek collecting barnacles.


Grandma J said...

Don't you hate it when computers act up? I have a seven yr old Sony Viao, and can't believe it still works ok. Well, part of it works. I can't open the CD or DVD slots...the motor hums away, but nothing opens. I figure they have so much dust and gunk in them they are permenantly fused closed. It's just a matter of time for me to get a new one. Then it will be a laptop so I can wonder around the compound with it.
I can hardly wait for more of the Diary and rivalry stuff. I'm an instigator just so you know. BTW, the only way to get any lipstick, or dewey gloss off of cups and glasses is by hand washing. See? I am such a trouble maker! :)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Oh, grandma j. Just wait.

I have to work today but will try to get it up tonight or tomorrow. I'm going to turn this piece of junk off all day and give it a rest.

Dew and the stuff they wear do not belong in the same sentence....

cats said...

Troubles with the computer are very frustrating. Since we have dial-up it takes forever, and if you get the kind that goes through your cell phone from Verizon, it cost about $80 a month. That is pretty good though. My neighbor has that. It will get better, I primise.
I can't wait for more sister stuff too. Do your children fight with each other? Do they do the lick thing?
Have a great day, cbw

Mental P Mama said...

Well I hope you made her wash the dishes...can't wait for the proof! Hope all is well in computerville.

Anonymous said...

To Mental P :
NO she did not make me wash that glass. AND, it was MY suggestion that she take a picture of it!!!
Thank you very much!

foolery said...

That placeholder is better than my whole life.

Bear Naked said...

I want to get a laptop to replace this old computer of mine.
I can't remember when I bought this computer, that is how old it is. ( or is it me that is so old?)

tj said...

...Hmmmm, barnacles on a computer? You could start a whole new home decor craze... :o) the Sibling Rivalry post, I never got to be a part of any of that. I'm the youngest and the accident in our family. I am 10 years younger than my sister and brother and by the time I was old enough to annoy 'em they were already gone. Yeah and Grandma J's got a point there, you do have to handwash those lipstick kisses off your glassware, it's the only way to get 'em off...

...Hope all goes well with the computer CBW. Can't wait for the next story!

...Blessings... :o)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

OK, Evil Computer has allowed me to sign on but not for very long. For example, I cannot access Foolery's blog, and I'm going through withdrawals.

I will try and put the evidence/pictures up tomorrow because right now we're in the throes of a major thunderstorm and I'd like to avoid electrocution. If the lightning doesn't do it, Evil Computer will surely try. The computer screen has spun around several times just since I signed on. And it turned green and grew fangs.

Little Sis is a piece of work. Just wait until you see.