Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bushel Basket

Barely distinguishable from the sand, Saturday evening's snow still hugged this bushel basket and the surrounding random marsh grasses at Aarons Beach on Sunday morning.

Barely distinguishable from these wind-up chattering teeth were Chesapeake Bay Woman's own poor teeth as she shivered, huddled, stomped, and then bounced her way through these photographs at a very blustery Aaron's Beach.

It's surprising the amount of instant warmth you can generate by a good round of beach stomping and jumping in place. There are residual benefits as well, including stress relief, but only if nobody else is there to see you.

Then it works against you.

OK, that site linked above, with the chattering teeth, sells something else that caught my eye--Vampire Bubba Teeth (click here), not to be confused with Regular Bubba Teeth (click here).

Brrrrrr. This was facing the wind.  It was brutal.

Although I'm sure this blog post originally had a point and a direction or was at least headed somewhere reasonably productive, I must apologize and excuse myself to peruse the completely unrelated, utterly unproductive world of bubba teeth, fake bugs and rubber chickens.

Dear Spring,

If you don't hurry up and get here, there's no telling where this blog is headed, but there's a good chance its owner will be found jumping up and down wearing vampire bubba teeth on some desolate, isolated Mathews County beach. I eagerly anticipate your arrival so things can return to normal, where "normal" is defined as only wearing crab hats for stress relief.

Thank you,

p.s. Please click this link for my mother's blog post about Gustav's Valentine's Day fiasco adventure. Because the way we amuse ourselves, particularly in the winter, evidently runs in the family. Some of us, however, require more accoutrements than others.

If you are interested in a 20% discount and free shipping for my book on Mathews County, which did not once reference bubba teeth or rubber chickens, but perhaps did make a vague reference to this county's isolation from mainstream society,  please click the link at the upper right corner of this page or  here for Arcadia Publishing's special promotion, which runs until Sunday. Use the coupon code of MATHEWS at checkout. 


Kay L. Davies said...

You mentioned your mother's story about Gustav on your previous post, so I went to look for it, and didn't leave you a comment.
Gustav's love life was certainly the high point in his weekend, if not yours. Loved your mom's story.
I also love the bushel basket photos. Super!
And I won't tell you the cold temperatures we had last week, although we haven't had snow for some time now.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day to all !!

A bushel of pristine snow is always worth a bird (or two ) in the bush. Perhaps Gustav would agree...

On the other accoutrements subject, Archie McPhee's store in Seattle is the only one of its ilk I can think of. There may be other stores of this sort on the east coast --http://www.mcphee.com/shop/

Anonymous said...

The photo's are great, but they make me feel cold! Valentine's Day the lowest of lows for me. Think I'll go in the woods and find a tree to beat my head against.LOL Hope you have a wonderful day!!MM

deborah said...

Happy Valentine's Day!
Always soothing to look at your photos...today is going to be long and I needed your photos-
Yesterday my husband was in an accident and was in either the ER or ICU until 1:00 am when he was transported to a hospital 2 hours from here. Getting ready to go there to be with him. Nerves begone!
Will be missing for a few days, so please have a wonderful week!

Tracey from ⓽ said...

Already have your fab book! We've had our fair share of teeth chattering here in these parts too! Snow is still scattered here and there on the ground. But all in all it has been quite the mild winter! I second your letter to spring, not so much for the temps,but because I am tired of my whole family being sick!

Daryl Edelstein said...

wonky teeth! oh how I remember those and the inspiration for them .. happy valentine's day ♥♥

Dghawk said...

Think of all the crabs that poor basket has held over it's lifetime. Now it's filled with sand and snow. How sad. And how embarrassing for poor Gustav!

Happy Valentine's Day to you.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Kay, Whereas some of us mere humans have been suffering through January and February, Gustav seems to be thriving. I'm willing to bet that Canada goose accidentally flew into the side of the house, knocked herself silly, landed in his pen, and had to feign interest until she could regain her wits enough to fly away again.

LLC-As soon as I'm done here I am going to check out the link. Thank you, as always.

MM-I hear you and will gladly join you in that search for a tree. In any case, tomorrow's another day. Thank goodness.

deborah - So very, very sorry to hear this news and will send positive thoughts your way. Please keep us posted.

Tracey-March is right around the corner...I'm counting on it.

Daryl-Wonky teeth. I knew there was something not quite right with typing bubba teeth and certainly not vampire bubba teeth. They're wonky teeth plain and simple. The term pretty much covers all bases. Thank you for reminding me.

dghawk-Yes, I often wonder about the journey baskets like this have taken. Regarding Gustav, he recovers quickly from such episodes of humiliation. Rest assured he's back to his normal ornery self.

Anonymous said...

Moving Day Yaa!! Got a house on the: World Famous Gwynn's Island!! (closer to the family to get them through trying times)Moving on up to the east side!!
CBW wordless blog Hey! that was my idea! But for some reason it did not go over to well??? Luv ya lady and luv your blog!!! Oh and I got that poem for ya in my truck, so if you see me flag me down! MM

Mental P Mama said...

I have snow envy...