Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Notice the little bit of green on the planks in the lower right quadrant.

These are shots of some random, unrelated structures that I decided to group together based on two common denominators.

Love the moss on the roof and the open door, sort of beseeching us to come inside.
(I didn't, in spite of the pleas.)

First, they're all slowly being absorbed by their environment.

This little shed in the woods has an adorable chimney.

Second, they're all rather drab and gray in color.

I've been feeling like I'm being absorbed by my environment  rather drab and gray myself here lately.

This too shall pass.

Who else is ready for spring?


deborah said...

Even though we really haven't had any 'real' Winter yet (or that is what the weatherman says-) I'm ready for some bright sunshiny days of Spring.
Gloomy days makes me gloomy too (is gloomy even a word?)

Kay L. Davies said...

When I enlarged the first photo to see if the green happened to be paint or moss (it's moss) I noticed what looks like the wringer part of an old washing machine inside, and lots of interesting things in the attic.
I posted about summer today, I didn't even think about spring!
Hope you're feeling less grey real soon.

Deltaville Jamie said...

I've been blah myself. Basketball is coming to an end tonight and that leaves me with nothing much to do until Spring.

Windsmurf said...

I am absolutely ready for spring, these gray days make me feel like pulling the covers up to my chin and just staying in bed. I like your photos, those buildings look like I feel right now.
I saw a brown and white deer last night, kind of marked like an Appoloosa horse. Then as I was walking the dog, I saw a shooting star - that's it for excitement in my life!

Mental P Mama said...

Don't you wish they could talk?

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

My daffodils are ready; they are pushing through the earth already, as if to say, is it time yet? What - am I early?

Country Girl said...

I did the same thing Kay did (after reading her comment) and found it interesting.
I feel meh today too, although it's lovely outside and I should be walking. I just don't feel right, however.

Maria_NJ said...

Dang computers, been without mine for 3 daze...

but my computer wiz, my Greg, just brought it back... all spanking new...

did you miss me?

love the heron from yesterday...

and not sure I like those old buildings so much, kind of sad and lonely...they need a glass of wine, or whine, whatever the case might be...

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Deborah, gloomy isn't just a word, it's my middle name these days. I agree about the warm weather - but it's the lack of daylight and the dreary colors that get to me. January and February really need to be hibernation months, I'm convinced.

Kay - I was afraid to enlarge that photo because I could tell the building was brimming with stuff, and I wasn't quite sure I wanted to know what was inside...

DJ-The first good weekend in The Ville will cure what ails you.

Windsmurf-An Appaloosa deer and a shooting star are over the top exciting as far as I'm concerned. I haven't seen a shooting star in a long time, you're lucky.

MPM-Indeed I do. Especially that first one that is jam packed with stuff.

Meg-We're getting the daffodils here too.

CG-You said it. Just don't feel right.

Maria - Glad your computer woes are fixed. Yes, we missed you. The one thing that does make me smile no matter how crappy the day is is reading these comments.

Thanks for reading and commenting, I truly appreciate it.