Thursday, February 16, 2012

Three Things

Once again it's Thursday and that means it's time to share three things.

1.  Basketball.  Last night Chesapeake Bay Daughter played her last game of the regular season; tournaments are next week.  The teams were not exactly evenly matched.  That's a polite way of saying the other team was not that good, bless their hearts.  Of the 40-some points for our team, Daughter scored 22.  Last week she scored 16 of 21 total points.  (Yes, I am bragging; sorry, I can't help it. I'll stop now.)   But watching her play basketball is my new favorite past time, one I hope to enjoy for at least another four more years.  Eight if she plays in college...

2. It's goose season. Daggone it!   When I came home from last night's game, there were Canada geese aaaaaall over my yard.  It's full-on war now keeping them out of my yard.  This is particularly difficult living next to CB Mother who, along with her own killer goose Gustav, welcomes them with open arms and the promise of unlimited corn.  They have no idea where the property boundaries are and seem a little befuddled and confused (or is that cornfused?).  They're welcome in one yard, viewed as Number One Public Enemy in the neighboring yard.  So, with headlights bouncing up and down such that anyone at this end of Queens Creek would have their night's entertainment all taken care of,  I drove all over the yard--up and down hills, weaving in and out of pine trees--to chase them off. And they'll be back.  Just like ANTS.

3.  This swing.  These photos were taken last Sunday after the snow down near the public landing at White's Creek, at the end of Route 682. The bay is barely visible in the background.  A simple rope swing like this brings back a flood of childhood memories.  To read about some of those memories in a rambling post from 2008,  click here.

Now it's your turn to share three thoughts.  Whatever you want.  Anything at all.


Kay L. Davies said...

The swings I remember were old tires hung from ropes.
As much as I enjoy Canada geese flying by, I don't think I'd like them in my yard.
We gave our dog some jello to try today. She couldn't bit it, and she couldn't drink it, and it didn't occur to her to slurp it up. She liked the flavor, however, because she cleaned up the sides of Dick's dish when he'd finished eating hi jello.
Poor Lindy. We're rotten parents, giving her something she doesn't know how to eat. O well, the next funniest thing is watching her chew a small piece of apple. She takes apple very seriously, and we love to watch her eat it.

Kay L. Davies said...

Oops, typo, couldn't BITE it. I hate when I make typos.

Ann Marie said...

I myself have driven those same gooses off... I don't mind the gooses as long as they are in the other yard. The yard I do not frequent barefooted.

It is Thursday but really my Friday and I am exhausted which is the normal these days. Tomorrow I get to SLEEP IN until 7. DID YOU HEAR ME.. SEVEN! Saturday sleep in until SEVEN. Sunday hopefully later.When ones sleep in days diminish to 2 7 am wake ups and a MAYBE sleep in Sunday things get bad. Apparently it makes me subject to major crying jags and telling anyone and everyone to $%#$$## OFF. At least I have been told that, I am in a fog and don't really remember.

Naps and coffee have been basically eliminated from my life (this could have something to do with the crying jags as well) Naps because well my new routine (how long does it take to make it to a new routine again??) does not have ANY time built in for naps. And no coffee... well I pour it but by the time I remember I poured it, it is cold and I don't want it anymore.

To sum this all up in one nice neat little sentence.

I am an undersleeped, caffeine and nap deprived, gym junky who doesn't like geese... no one should mess with me.

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. The Brat Child will be pleased to hear "that cwazy wady" is once again chasing off the geese.

2. We had a rope swing like that near our boat ramp in Deltaville until they had to cut the limb off that held the swing. Now, I just hope the tree itself is still there (since it was damaged in the tornado)

3. CB Daughter and Midge should get together this summer and play some b-ball.

Daryl Edelstein said...

first i thought that was the swing on gwynn's island but that swing had two ropes holding it up so i thought maybe it was broken and then i bothered to read what you wrote.

second i wondered if you were driving your car all over the yard or if it was that fun little - what the heck is it called - thing .. did it have headlights?

third CBDaughter might want to come meet the new BB star here Jeremy Lin .. cute and down to earth ..

thats it ..

Fighting Mermaid said...

We don't get the geese...only flocks of wild turkeys.

Noah was invited to join jr Beta Club, but isn't really interested... Is it okay for a proud mom to force him?

Our new puppy chewed the charging cords for nearly every web capable device, so only online at work and via "smart-phone" (really such a misnomer...doesn't even know how to hold a charge).

Trisha said...

Finally I timed it right to read your blog on a Thursday! Yeah!

1. Bose SoundDock II - it really does sound better. Actually, it makes my cats believe that there are real people hiding out in the music room creating the music.

2. My hubby is wonderful for giving me the afore mentioned SounDock!

3. While the new Facebook "timeline" doesn't make me want to pull out all of my hair, I just wonder why they continually need to mess with things. Is it to give their employees something to do?

Windsmurf said...

1. A drizzly day here, at least it isn't snow - you don't have to shovel rain!

2. Congratulations on CB daughter's prowess at BB, does her team go on to the tournaments?

3. I bet if you swing high enough on that swing you can see the Bay very clearly, did you give it a try?

Country Girl said...

Gah! Did you say cornfield? Oh, no. It was cornfused. Never mind ~

ps - I completely dislike Blogger's new WV. I need special x-ray glasses now.

Mental P Mama said...

1. Bragging totally appropriate! Go Baby Girlllll!
2. Sic Buddy after those geese. Wait. Never mind.
3. Do you understand this show "Swamp People"?

foolery said...

1. Making meat sauce and I have every vegetable imaginable except garlic. How could I not have garlic? What will I do when the sparkly vampires show up?

2. Give that daughter a high five for me, but time it better than I would. I can't do a layup to save my life, and I also suck at high fives.

3. Gas is $3.89 here. Even the mailman wants to telecommute.