Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I would call this post Wordless Wednesday except it's been proven that I am incapable of posting without words, unfortunately.  So for now this is simply called Wednesday with the caveat that I am attempting to be quiet today, mostly because there's nothing of interest to say.

However, I do have these pictures of a lovely old house which lives at the intersection of Routes 643/Haven Beach Road and Route 682/Whites Creek Lane.
I've photographed it before, but not with snow on the ground.

Have a great Wednesday.
With or without words.


deborah said...

A very lovely house...I wonder why it was abandoned?
Have a lovely Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

I saw the roof, and thought that maybe Santa fell through the roof instead of making it down the chimney--maybe that's why its occupants left. It is so dignified, with its corbels at the porch roof corners and its watchful windows.

Anonymous said...

PS your mom has done it again, with her blog today ! I see a new slogan--start ordering the bumper stickers: "Keep the Government Out of My Underwear " That says it all, sisters !

Country Girl said...

I remember thinking about coming to BlogFest in 2009 and a house you posted, jokingly (although I didn't know it at the time) claiming that it was your house. That memory is cracking me up because it looked like this house.

I am avoiding getting ready for work and am going to be very late if I don't do something about it. xo

Ann Marie said...

I will remain wordless about that house.. and anything I may have found in and around it.

Maria_NJ said...

Blog Cabin II in Mathews county...I think you should submit that house for consideration...there were so many of us that loved that area...

now that my interest is piqued, I must hurry over to your mother's blog and read...the government has no business in my underwear either, those #@$!ards...

Windsmurf said...

Love your pictures of this house, you have an eye for seeing what a lot of us would just drive by without noticing.

I read your mother's blog on the political idiots, she spoke my thoughts very eloquently.

Daryl Edelstein said...

I love the way you see these fabulous old houses ..

Anonymous said...

Every home has a story...I'd love to know the story behind this house. And you always wonder....when did they decide to leave it and why? do tell! What did you find in this house?

Middle Sis

Kay L. Davies said...

I like the big empty spaces you leave between the photos for pretend-wordlessness. Perfect!

Dghawk said...

Wonderful house! I like to think that at one time it was filled with love and laughter.

Your Mom is a precious gem. Loved her post.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Thank you all.

deborah-Usually the owners pass away or become unable to care for the place; the next closest family member is typically way far away and/or uninterested in keeping the place up. Either way, I wish I knew the stories on all of these old homes.

LLC-The roof is what I immediately noticed and the primary reason I stopped to take this home's picture again. The roof has only recently started to go.

CG-I remember that too and it makes me laugh.

AM-You told me a while back but inquiring minds (especially when those minds resemble sieves) need to be reminded.

Maria - Blog Cabin II indeed.

Windsmurf-My mother doesn't mince words; she weaves them though.

Daryl-Thank you!

Middle Sis-I agree and wonder the same things.

Kay-I was trying to go wordless, it just never seems to work out.

DGH-I think it was filled with love and laughter too.

Thanks to everyone for commenting, and more importantly thank you for reading and remarking on my mother's post/blog. She is an incredibly gifted artist and writer, and I am so glad she's sharing her voice with the blogosphere.