Thursday, February 23, 2012

Three Things

Here we are, right smack dab in the middle of another Thursday. The weeks seem to be whizzing by, all a blur.  Anyway, Thursday is the day of the week where I encourage everyone to share three random thoughts. On any given day most everything written here is unintentionally random, so I love Thursdays because I actually have permission from myself to be completely, intentionally random.

That last sentence was brought to you courtesy of the month of February, when the previous several months of sunlight deprivation have taken their cumulative toll on my brain.

Let's begin.  

1. That throwing up sickness is goin' around.  Evidently it's not just the 24-hour thing. This Mutant Virus causes at least three days of flat-on-your-back-want-to-die conditions. Thus far the Chesapeake Bay Family has managed to evade Mutant Virus.  But yesterday afternoon at Chesapeake Bay Daughter's basketball game, I swear I saw the germs leap from a woman's mouth right up my nostrils as she was telling me that she'd just recovered from the Three Days of I Just Want To Die syndrome.  Then Daughter and I attended a meeting in an auditorium jam packed with germ-spreading parents, including the one mother sitting in front of me who sneezed with reckless abandon during the entire presentation.

(In her older age, CBW has become enamored with the phrase "reckless abandon" a bit of a hypochondriac, which intensifies her innate ability to see germs.  Mind you, she's definitely not OCD and doesn't walk around slathering herself in hand sanitizer.  She actually hates hand sanitizer and proudly declines it whenever the OCD people she works with offer it to her. She's just a little paranoid, especially when she suddenly has a headache as she writes about all these virus and germ showers she's just been exposed to.)

2. The meeting CB Daughter and I attended was an orientation for Mathews High School.  Next year I will be the mother of two teenagers in high school.  How did this happen?  My youngest will be in high school next year? Also, when did high school become so complicated?  There are four different types of diplomas, and who knows how many electives, and decisions that need to be made by next week.  I remember having to choose one elective and everything else was decided for me.

2b. By the way, one of those years my elective was typing.  Back in the days when it was called typing not keyboarding.  (The keyboard pertained to piano lessons.) The days when there were no computers at all, just typewriters.  Mrs. McMullen, my teacher, gave me a life skill that came in ever so handy with the advent of technology. Thank you, Mrs. McMullen.

3. Yesterday Chesapeake Bay Son started track practice, led by my friend Coach Forrest.  Exactly thirty years ago this spring I was preparing for the final track season of my high school career.  Track was my passion.  Although CB Son has run fall cross country the past two years, this will be his first time participating in spring track, which is a whole other world. I cannot wait.

Now it's your turn. Please share three--or more--thoughts, whatever happens to be on your mind. Today you have permission to let your mind wander freely, unencumbered.


deborah said...

Reckless abandon is what I crave about now-
I hear you about the germs after spending time in 3 different hospitals within 8 days time. Monday was a 7 hour endurance trial surrounded by sick coughing sneezing and generally germ-spreading people. After being at a hospital where there was 2 different kinds of hand sanitizer in the room and another just outside the door, I was amazed to find only one dispenser in the whole ER. Hoping you don't come down with anything! I'm doomed, I'm afraid, to have picked up something...
That is great that CBW son is going to participate in Spring Track! I can tell you are excited, I would be too!
Is keyboarding still taught in school? My thanks go out to my typing teachers, too, and I even took shorthand (so useful today Ha!)
My third item is much going on here, over the husband's accident/injuries it is amazing.
Serenity now, to borrow it from you if I may!
Wishing you a lovely weekend, may this nice warm weather continue!

Anonymous said...

re item 2b of your post : Mrs. Mc Mullen can be justly proud of the fact that her former student is a published author and talented blogger with a following. Hitting my HS years in the 60's, I was too free-spirited and cre-ative to get bogged down with a sexist skill such as typing ( no way was I going to be boxed in to a secretarial pool, Man ! ) I was an Artist...
I never learned to type--see now what ashes I have been reduced to, Mrs. M. !
Your germ-phobic antics made me snort ( sanitarily) with laughter, because I am just like you ! I took a big, 11 inch canister of anti-bac wipes to hospital to visit my mother in I could wipe down surfaces there. Oh wait, my OCD is showing.
'Reckless abandon' is swimming nude in warm water at a private tropical beach...aaaahhh

Anonymous said...

My son took "keyboarding" last year and I thought the same thing. What happened to good old typing? I had Mrs. Jackson for "typing" when I took it at MHS. My friends at work tease me all the time about my good posture while I am typing and I always give her credit for that. She insisted on it!
Hope you stay well. Lots of bad bugs going around right now!!

Fighting Mermaid said...

Happy Thursday! ps. There is also the high fever all over body ache looks like flu or strep but isn't bug going around.

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. It's amazing how fast the time goes... I have a child starting college in the fall. College. How is that possible?

2. I painted my toenails green last night thinking it would be cute for St Paddy's Day. I'm not liking it. So I left it thinking it would grow on me. Unfortunately, it looks like something is growing on me so I guess it's back to "Jamaica Me Crazy" pink tonight.

3. Don't you hate how some people give you completely screwed up signals. Like when they say one thing but yet their every action says something else and you drive yourself crazy trying to figure out what's going on and how you should proceed or even if you should proceed. This is why I should really be asexual.

Daryl Edelstein said...

Toonman has a cold, a nasty snot producing sneezing blow your nose 100 times a minute cold .. I am expecting to have it by end of weekend even tho I commanded him not to exhale in the apartment and to sleep breathing/facing away from me.

I lent my iMac to Toonman, I am sure the germs he has are not all over it and as soon as he gives it back, I will get his germs

I dont like hand sanitizer, it makes my already dry as a bone skin drier if that is even possible

I finished the last book of George RR Martin's Fire & Ice series and I am suffering withdrawal because the next book isnt due for a long time and the HBO series second season (book 2) isnt airing til April

Windsmurf said...

Happy Thursday all

1. It feels like spring today, all of my daffodils on the East side of my house are in full bloom, those on the North are about halfway to blooming, and it is still February!
2. I took typing in high school, I got my fingers stuck in the keys one day - needless to say, I did not pursue a secretrial career. Thank God the keyboards of today do not allow you to get your fingers in between the keys. And on a computer, you can go back and fix typos pretty easily.
3. When my Granddaughters came to live with me, they were still in elementary school - the first year they were with me, I think I caught every bug known to man. I understand your germ issue. I don't usually think about the hand sanitizer, but I avoid shaking hands as much as possible.

Windsmurf said...

For anonymous LLC, I would contend that swimming nude in warm water on a private tropical beach is merely "abandon" Reckless abandon would be to swim nude on a public beach.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

deborah - I took shorthand too, from the Mrs. Jackson Trinia mentions in her comment. I actually find it helpful for taking notes at work. If I can decipher my little squiggles...

LLC- Thank you as always for your words. You'll have to tell us what sort of artist you are. Obviously you have a gift with words...what else?

Trinia-I had Mrs. Jackson for shorthand. Loved the class and her too.

Fighting Mermaid-Nooooo! I don't want any part of that. All of a sudden my throat is getting scratchy!

Deltaville Jamie - Jamaica Me Laugh. Lots.

Daryl-Tell him to breathe facing north at all times so none of those germs head in this direction. Hope he feels better soon and that you stay healthy and germ-free.

Windsmurf-Sorry about your fingers; I confess I chuckled at your expense.

TGIF, almost.