Monday, February 13, 2012


Back yard yesterday morning.

The most exciting part of my otherwise quiet and uneventful weekend was Saturday night's dusting of snow that created these scenes Sunday morning.

Well, actually, there was one other thing that happened, and that involves my mother's goose Gustav.  I'll let her tell that suspenseful tale, but he's found himself a Canadian girlfriend. When a powdering of snow and a goose's personal life become the most exiting thing going on, you can pretty much count on the fact that you're in a bit of a social rut, fyi. Also, when a goose has more of a social life than you do, you best be prepared to admit that your rut is the size of the Grand Canyon.

Luckily I got out early with the camera, because by midday the snow was already starting to disappear.

My dock at low tide. During a good storm, the tide will cover the bottom of the boathouse.

This week I'll share some shots from Sunday morning's trip to Aaron's Beach, where the wind was blowin' a gale and the air was so brutally frigid I actually worried whether my tonsils fingertips would drop off from frost bite.

So far, they haven't.


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Anonymous said...

Hey my friend you don't know what social rut is! But everyone will tell you: It will get better!! That is bullshit!! I guess this is the down side for living in such a great place that role,s the side walks up at 8pm!
But were can you get such freak storms like we get? Thunder and lighting in the middle of a snow storm?? MM

Ann Marie said...

someone should have worn their gloves then only a finger and a thumb would have fallen prey to frost bite lol

deborah said...

enjoying the pics! we got a light dusting of snow here and its frigidly cold - yuk!
Your winter blahs just make you think you are in a rut - but you are making great strides (pun intended) in life!
Have a great Monday!

Maria_NJ said...

ah yes I had to go to work at 6am Sunday morning so I know all about that little snow storm...

speaking of work, I was only working for 1 hour when a customer made a motion like he was going to throw a bottle of water at me as he got up from the table after losing. He came so close that it made me flinch...the others at the table said they thought he was really going to hit me. I tell you I am so over that job...what did management do?...nothing

the pictures of your back yard are lovely, so Gustav got himself a piece of tail...LOL

Daryl Edelstein said...

You got more snow that we did here in NYC

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

MM-If you look up social rut in the dictionary, I'm there, wearing a crab hat. Yes, it's a price we pay, but you're right, Saturday's storm was priceless. A rare gem.

AM-They were in the back of my car - they stay there so they'll always be handy. AND I FORGOT on the one day I needed them. They are moving to the front seat effective tomorrow morning...

Deborah-Can't believe you all didn't get more snow, sounds like we were in the same band of weather. Strides are definitely being made...but so far they can't completely negate the Blahs.

Maria -Sorry about your work woes, I cringe alone at having to be there at six a.m. My mother wrote up a story about Gustav's little foray on her blog and she tells it better than I could. His romance ended up to be a one night stand.

Daryl-Perhaps but it was short lived. As of this evening the only snow left is on the steps I failed to shovel. It's all melted everywhere else.

Thanks for reading/commenting.

thomas said...

As always, excellent photography.