Tuesday, February 21, 2012


For a long time now I've been taking pictures of these pilings at Aaron's Beach.

No matter how many times I visit I am drawn to them.

These were taken over a week ago after that dusting of snow.

(By the way, Mathews received no snow the other night. 
Gloucester, Middlesex, and King & Queen counties did get snow.
My disappointment was tremendous.)

The snow on these pilings from last weekend's dusting 
might be my only glimpse at the white stuff this winter. 
But I still hold out hope for The Big Storm.

A while back the Gazette Journal, our wonderful local paper, ran a piece that described what these pilings once were part of:

"...remains of the jetty and canal that once kept an opening from the mostly landlocked Garden Creek to Chesapeake Bay.  ...Gazette Journal records show that a jetty at the opening dates to the 1930s with rebuilding around 1950 and in 1968.  The opening to the creek was closed by sand, but now the entire beachfront to which the jetty connected has vanished."

I'll post some photos of the last remnants of that canal later in the week.


In unrelated news, my apologies for the word verification issues in the Comments section.  It seems Blogger thinks we need more complicated (and more difficult to read) words to prove you're a person and not a spammer or robot.  If it's too ridiculous I'll remove the word verification entirely, however spam was a problem a while back so I'm reluctant to do so unless it's a true nuisance.

p.s. That last paragraph? Not that long ago (2007 - 2008-ish)  I would have asked for an interpreter.  It's amazing how technology and social media are changing our lives--and our language.


deborah said...

good morning!
love the photos, so peaceful. I do hope you get your Big Snow!
a cool crisp morning here, expecting rain today

(my mind is turning to mush as we made yet another visit to the ER yesterday and have appointments for today, but things are starting to look better-hoping for that anyway...)
have a great day!

Maria_NJ said...

I know I miss the snow too, its my only chance to play hooky.

Today is my Micheal's 21st birthday. I am baking him a cake as we speak. Then it off to work...

the piling are very unusual sitting in the middle of the water, can't wait to see the whole picture of the pier and all.

ps I don't mind the word verification...

Deltaville Jamie said...

You're making me miss being down there more than usual. I enjoy photographing that same group of pilings- usually with some shore birds. Is the 'canal' that opening that separates the beach? It got deeper with that last Hurricane (Irene?).

WV: Henry lardscul- Henry is a lardscul.

Daryl Edelstein said...

I've removed the WV from mine, it was too annoying .. I use Blogger in Draft and there's a spam filter that works fairly well .. LOVE those pilings, I think the symmetry is fabulous and you got all the right POVs .. and I did worry about you when I saw the news reports on the snow in VA .. glad you escaped .. I am sort of sad we've been snow free it just doesnt seem right.

Windsmurf said...

Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing.

The light dusting of snow is nice, anything I have to shovel is too much.

I am having a little trouble reading the new WVs.

Fighting Mermaid said...

We got a little snow here in North, but it was gone by coffee time which is early even on weekends. Love the pix!

Mental P Mama said...

I HATE the WV! HATE it. Okay, I feel all better. Now I'll go back and look at the pretty pictures.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

OK, so I finally figured out how to turn off the word verification, which was no easy feat. Or rather, it *was* easy before I converted to the new Blogger interface. (For anyone who uses Blogger and has tried out the new interface you basically have to revert back to the old way, go to your Settings there, save them, then go back to the new. The new does not have an option to turn off the comments.Makes no sense.)

The technical portion of this comment is now over.

Hopefully the word verification is officially turned off. Also, hopefully the spammers won't notice.

Country Girl said...

I took the WV off a long time ago and haven't had a problem with spam on my blog. I get a bit of spam in my e-mail box from the comments, but blogger screens them and they don't publish to the blog. It's worth it to take it off, is what I'm saying. Oh, wait. You did!