Friday, November 1, 2013

Bay Blue

As I was loading these photos of a blue Chesapeake Bay taken from the shores of Mathews County's beaches, I contemplated a title and initially came up with nothing.  I walked away, came back.

Still nothing.

Realizing I couldn't have an untitled blog post, I called Me, Myself and I to a conference and declared the need for a brainstorming session.

Me:  "I see blue."
Myself:  "It's the bay."
I:  "Blue Bay. Bay Blue. Could be a play on baby blue."

The three of us decided this was the best we could do on short notice.

The three of us are also looking forward to some down time this weekend, if that's possible.

(When teenagers and their college deadlines and post-exam celebrations are involved, odds are never not always in your favor.)

I hope your weekend is a great one.

p.s. Welcome to November. It's here already.


Kay L. Davies said...

November is half an hour old here.
I'm glad I have no teenagers to worry about right now, because I'd only be able to worry but do nothing useful or helpful. This wretched cold keeps coming back, and has me flat again now.
Dick decorated two windows facing the avenue, and also the window on the front door, with scary lights and things.
We had eight trick-or-treaters. Lindy got up to greet the first group but decided "same old, same old" after that. I was lying down and didn't see any of the children.
Hi to your mom and dad, and a special hug to your mom.

Deltaville Jamie said...

Hope you find some down time. I have some of my own planned though I have it filled with canning plans (I've discovered I love to can- whodathunkit) I'm not sure that qualifies as down time, but it's something I want to do rather than running someone else somewhere to do what they want to do

Meg McCormick said...

Ack, November. Part of me can't believe it's here already, but a much larger part of me is ready to give this year the heave-ho and move onto better things in 2014. But what I'd really like to do is view the blue Bay from a certain back yard (front yard?) in Mathews, VA. Here's hoping you're able to carve out time to do that this weekend.

Grandma J said...

Best title ever....
I love November. It's officially No Shave November! Just break out the sweats.
Have a lovely weekend with the family.