Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Name That Boat

These were taken about a week or so ago from my back yard.

It's rare to see a boat on Queens Creek this time of year, especially one so photogenic.

This one is named Finale.  While I understand why someone might bestow that name--and there could be many fine reasons--I think without any other context it sounds so, well, final.  As if there's nothing more after this. This is my last hoorah.  I'm done with everything, that's it. The End. 

Which leads me to wonder what I might name this boat if it were mine, and I were retired, and the children were leading their own lives.

(Which makes me laugh hysterically, because I will be working until I am 105.)

Still, it's a fun question for someone whose brain is fried from a long day at the office and a long commute that does not involve much thinking at all much creativity.

Wanderer.  Gypsy.  Serenity.  Freedom. Liberation. Escape. Adventurer. Seas Today.

If I had more energy and time to think, I could come up with a thousand others.

What would you name it?


growing wild on waverly lane said...

If I had a "final" boat, I'd call it "Sasquatch" as in "catch me if you can." The faster you go the later you die. That's physics.

Dghawk said...

I would call it "Gad-about". You are such a gad-about yourself, always going somewhere, doing something.