Monday, November 18, 2013


This weekend I had the privilege of traveling to the state cross country meet at Great Meadow in The Plains, Virginia. 

This wasn't my first time at Great Meadow.  

The first time was back in the 1800s 1990s for the Gold Cup--a steeplechase.  

A steeplechase involves horses. Like the Kentucky Derby only with jumps and other obstacles, in this case very hilly terrain. I am very curious to know why they call it a steeplechase (and why people riding horses might be chasing steeples) but am too tired to investigate at the time of this writing, particularly since this is not about a horse race.

It's about humans racing on a horse track in a meet called States.

My beautiful daughter Maria ran in Saturday's steeplechase state cross country meet.

She ran the fastest she's run all year and shaved more than a minute off her personal best.

I am an insane fan just ask anyone around that day
insanely proud of her and the whole team.

The boys and the girls placed fourth out of twelve teams that went to the state meet.

I spent hours yesterday uploading photos to my other blog for parents and others who may know the runners.

Any day now this blog will return to photos of Mathews County, but in the meantime congratulations to the Mathews High cross country runners and their phenomenal Coach Greve.

What a great season.


Kay L. Davies said...

I'm sure all your blogging friends are as proud as I am of Maria for improving her personal best. Please congratulate her from me.
Luv, K

deborah said...

Congratulations to Maria for running her best! So proud of her! I'm sure you are bursting with pride for her and her team!
great photos
take care and have a wonderful weekend!

Deltaville Jamie said...

Congrats to the runners and Maria especially.

The name steeple chase came to be because way back int he day in Ireland they raced from church steeple to church steeple (steeples were easily seen from a distance) they literally "chased the steeple". I used to want to be a steeplechase jockey. Sadly it never happened.

Tiggeriffic said...

Im just amazed at how these young people can run so fast and for such along time..Congrats to your daughter for a job well done in her race..and improving her race by one minute.. that's a lot of determination going on there..
Have a Tiggeriffic Day..ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Daryl said...

Way to go Ms Maria!!!!!!!!!

thomas said...

Congratulations. Very well done, both of you.

Anonymous said...

Very excited for Maria ! She is an inspiration. I certainly had no sort of determination or self discipline like that at her age.