Friday, November 8, 2013

Sky's the Limit

These were taken one recent morning from my back deck.

It was impossible for me and my little camera to adequately capture the beauty of the sky.

It was magnificent.

On Saturday Baby Sister and I depart for the Outer Banks of North Carolina for the half-marathon neither of us is really ready for.  No matter, we will have more fun than two forty somethings should ever have. I can state this with confidence because in the past year we've done two half marathons, one of which required plane travel and an interaction with TSA officials that still makes me howl with laughter.

(Click here for the blog post about the Nashville half marathon.  The TSA story, which I never did get around to telling, is vaguely referenced as the "story for another day.")

Rest assured I will be laughing before we leave my driveway Mathews County.

In other news, the Mathews High School cross country teams advance to the state meet, thanks to their success in Thursday's regional meet.  The boys won the championship and the girls placed second overall.  Daughter shaved even more time off her personal best time yet.  I am extremely proud of her efforts.

I won't return to the blogosphere until Tuesday but until then have a wonderful, radiant weekend.


Annie said...

The camera seems to have done pretty well capturing the beauty of the sky.
Hope you have had a great w'e by the time you get back to read this.

Anonymous said...

hooray for cb daughter ! We are all behind her ! And you... also, don't give any officials a hard time this weekend, LOL. You have to travel to CA sometime, so don't get yourself put on the No Fly List.
Your creek is a spot of heaven in every light.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for your daughter!! And I so love the sunrises at Queens Creek. How can anyone who lives there bear to sleep late? Betsy

Daryl said...

hooray for cbd and for your getaway

Sooska said...

I can picture the reality of the sky in my favorite place on earth from your photos. I have taken many myself -always trying to capture it all and capturing only the idea of it. Thank you!