Tuesday, November 26, 2013


These are shots of Richardson's at the corner of Church and Main Streets.

When I was growing up, we went here to drop off our film (which was mailed to places unknown for developing), fill prescriptions, sip Pink Ladies at the counter and /or browse for novelties at Rosie's Gift Shop next door.

Now it's a restaurant.

I have evidence old enough to be in the Mathews Museum if such a place existed that we once filled our prescriptions here.  The bottle above dates to 1492 1982, just after I graduated high school.  Evidently a torturous trip to the dentist required pain pills.  Don't ask me why I still have this. I suppose the short answer has to do with wanting to be a museum curator nostalgia.

Today Richardson's is a quaint place to grab a bite to eat and reminisce about simpler times that may or may not have included a painful trip to the dentist.


Anonymous said...

Save that pill bottle! Everyday items like that are always the most interesting historic artifacts. After they pass through a few decades of being nothing more than old junk, of course.

Can you believe there was a time you went on vacation, shot maybe one or two rolls of 24 exposures for a 2 week trip, and then were ok with waiting a few weeks for the drugstore to send back your photos? Now I take 99 photos if the cat looks cute sleeping in the sun and want to see them right away.


Meg McCormick said...

Um, I think you need to clean out your medicine cabinet!! :-)

Country Girl said...

Didn't we eat there once?

Daryl said...

i do believe Kate's right and we ate in the restaurant that was once Richardson's

Anonymous said...

I am old enough (older than you!) to remember when going into "town" was an event during childhood. To stop somewhere and have a sandwich, or an ice cream cone, was exciting and going into a store 'just to look around' was a big deal...going to a corner grocery with cousins or playmates on a hot day to get pop sicles--so much fun.