Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Interpret This Photo. Please.

Step right up, folks, and take a gander at one of the worst pictures ever posted on this blog but one which intrigues me nevertheless. As with most of my other 4,580 beach shots, this one is from Aaron's Beach.

Let's talk about the complex process by which this picture was taken. Get out your pencil to take notes. Ready? Here we go.

1. I put the setting to Auto.

2. I pressed the Snap button. (Did you know that's what it's called? The Snap button?)

3. Attempting its level best to figure out what in the hay I'm taking a picture of, the camera tries to focus on the multiple major elements but can't because the photographer can't even focus, so why should the camera?

4. The End.

Although I was very likely trying to zero in on the gnarled up branches, I might have been distracted by that sea wall in the background, and then further distracted by the green grass sprouting from the right and before you know it we have a fine example of a camera with ADD. (For now we'll bypass any attempts at diagnosing the photographer. There's simply not enough time, and quite possibly not enough diagnoses.)

It's late as I write this. The day at the paying job was absolutely exhausting and I need to "...lay my body down, and when the morning light comes streaming in, I'll get up and do it again. Amen."

(I love Jackson Browne and thank him for letting me steal some of his lyrics. Please don't sue, Mr. Browne, all I can give you is a bushel of fiddler crabs and an offer to perform some songs for the Blog Fest movie which is coming to a theater near you in this lifetime if it's the last thing I do.)

Speaking of crabs, that's exactly what I see when I glance at those gnarled up branches - the claws of a crab reaching upwards trying to protect himself.

What do you see?


Annie said...

1. Yes, can see the crab.
2. Also, some dead branches?
3. A frame for the timber wall?

Sorry, it is nearly time for my afternoon lie down, I have been awake for way too long. Should have saved this for later. Maybe after a cuppa.
I hate being first.

Angela said...

Water snakes are trying to get you in front of a half-sunken bridge. I`m glad you escaped.

Bayman said...

It looks like a still from "Rodan vs. The Two-Headed Monster," I think.

Country Girl said...

I don't know exactly. I'm just a happy idiot who struggles for the legal tender.

Damn, I always loved Jackson Browne.

Lynne M. said...

You know, I love this picture. And did you notice the huge nest to the left on the seawall? And if you double-click, the birds to the right on the seawall? I think it is a very interesting, beautiful picture. If I ever get a computer at home, AND if I ever get the pictures off my camera, I will have to share some of them. I take pictures of things people would never think of. I think CBD & I should get together. You know those little "mud humps" at low tide? I have pictures of those, up close. Scary, huh?

Oh, and did you happen to go to any of the beaches when we had that huge nor'easter (or maybe it was a close call with a hurricane) I think it was about a year ago, it was colder outside... I was a Haven taking pictures, almost got blown away, but it was absolutely amazing!

Lynne M. said...

And also, this winter when we had the snow, my office closed and me and husband took off to Haven! I was so much fun!

Audrey at Barking Mad said...

I'm not certain exactly what I see, just grateful that I can see anything at all as I just sprayed myself in the eye with Windex...yeah, don't even ask how that happened.

Caution Flag said...

I couldn't even tell that things were blurry. Crazy middle-aged eyes..!

The Good Life in Virginia said...

i like the shot sans the narley branch in the foreground...

the huge nest atop the pilings...very interesting.

what kind of bird built that?

have a wonderful day.

tj said...

...I see the gaping bottom jaw of a sea monster. The grass is its beard, the gnarled branches are its bottom lip and the sea wall is its bottom teeth... Other than that, I'm running on empty...*giggle*snort* :o) (yeah, I too love me some Jackson Browne)...

...Great photo CBW!

...Blessings... :o)

Daryl said...

I think that those trees are channeling the late Merce Cummingham .. yup that's what it is.

big hair envy said...

It IS a bit blurry, perhaps I need to "Doctor My Eyes"...:)

nativedevil said...

The nest caught my eye. A dock that once offered an escape by boat can now only offer an escape to the birds, so we are left to imagine where we wish we could escape to. The tangled branches remind us of the crazy, jumbled world that we wish to escape for a more peaceful, calm place.

Mental P Mama said...

I see a place where I want to be!

foolery said...

Good spot to for a murder of crows to convene. Bad place to drop a fishing line. Probably a body or two buried there.

Grandma J said...

Crabs, crabs, everywhere are crabs....lurking, smurking, and daring you to smash them. Don't ask me what the heck that means, but just the fact that I'm a blister makes it alright.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Oh poor Audrey, one time at work I sprayed my eyes with whiteboard cleaning spray! GAAAAAAH! It was a scene.

Picture? What picture?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie-A frame for the timber wall is perfect. Excellent.

Angela-Me too! Bravo.

Bayman-Are you saying it doesn't remind you of "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?" I'm surprised.

CG-Where the ads take aim and lay their claim;
To the heart and the soul of the spender;
And believe in whatever may lie,
In those things that money can buy,
Though true love could have been a contender....( I truly heart Jackson Browne.)

Lynne-Yes, the nest is very impressive, though not taken full advantage of in this shot. Please share your pictures..and stories if you want to. I'm always looking for a reprieve and would love to share your perspective especially since you have such an affinity for and appreciation of the local beaches. Bad weather is the best time to hit these places, I agree. Usually I"m not able to get there until after the storm, but still...

Audrey- Don't you know Windex is a panacea? AT least according to that greek wedding movie, as I recall.

CFlag-Yes, indeed! These eyes of mine are right there sitting next to yours on the Crazy Bench for middle-aged folks with one foot in the nursing home. When I downloaded the photo from the camera and looked at it, I thought, oh, that's nice. Then after I uploaded it to this blog, I thought, oh, that's horrible. Must have had the glasses on the second time around.

Good Life: That's an osprey's nest as best I can tell. In real life the gnarly branches looked way more artistic; here, not so much.

tj- I'm coming out to Missouri. Going to kidnap you in a Little Red Express and we're going to a Jackson Browne concert. Give your husband a warning, because one way or another I'm coming out your way (on my way to Grandma J.). All of a sudden, I have such an admiration for Jackson Browne. His lyrics are simply incredible. (Remember: warn your husband!)

Daryl-the branches *are* rather graceful...

BHE-Good one! p.s. Sign me up for the poolside debriefing session coming to a back yard near you. Soon, just say when.

nativedevil- Excellent! You must have been an A student in Ms. McD's English class. I could sit back and read things into a picture like this for days, but to others it's just a superficial picture of blurry items. Thank you for peeling the onion back one or two layers further...

MPM-They mowed the grass on your future home on my lane. It's ready and waiting for you to move in.

Foolery-Probably more than one or two.....

Grandma J.- A Blogging Sister you are, which makes you a Blister thank to a few witty gals from The Fest.

Meg-Oh my. I want to know what you were briefing or training. WAs it an OSHA class?

Thanks, everyone, I thoroughly enjoy coming home from a day from hay to read these.

Tomorrow is Three Thing Thursday. For once, I can't even imagine what one of my three things will be....

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

I remember as if it was just yesterday, except that it was 7 or 8 years ago. I was addressing our recruiting triage board - just like in a hospital emergency room, we had a board with the status of all open jobs, hires and departures.

That'll teach me.

Word verification: TOXYI. Perzackly.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I see the lockness monster! Or is that king crab claws?

I think its a good snap!