Thursday, August 13, 2009

Three Thing Thursday

Welcome to Three Ring Circus Three Thing Thursday, where I share three things with you, and you share three (or more, there's really no limit) things with me.

On your mark. Get set? Go.

1. Today is Chesapeake Bay Son's birthday. 14 years ago I was ready to be institutionalized due to 36 hours of pain concerned for his future due to a horror story better left untold for now. Immediately after he was born, all I heard was silence and all I saw was a swarm of white coats. The lady doctor leaning over me asked if I had any questions. "Will he have any lingering problems?" I feebly croaked. She couldn't tell me anything one way or another with any degree of conviction. Then I was shot up with morphine and I saw the most delightful fairies dancing and The End.

2. Thankfully, he turned out perfectly healthy and is the most wonderful son and older brother and friend a person could wish for.

3. Above, he is attempting to save minnows stranded by the low tide. Also, he's trying to torture his sister by making her hold one. (He is obligated to do this based on the Older Sibling Instruction Manual, page 2, first paragraph.)

Now it's your turn to tell me three (or more, really) things. Anything you want. Whatever is on your mind.



Audrey at Barking Mad! said...

Happy Happy birthday CBSon.

As for you own number 3 - it's written somewhere in the "Manual for Boys" that they MUST torture their younger sisters.

Hmmm three things?

OK here goes.

1.) I'm going to be giving away an adorable blue-eyed Ragdoll kitten if she doesn't stay off my brand new lamps in the front room. She's already busted two light bulbs.

2.) Did you know that if you break a new-fangled CFL lightbulb in your home you have to call the EPA? I kid you not. They are full of mercury. Hence the reason we recently switched back to ALL incandescent lightbulbs. Otherwise I'd be posting this comment from the public library because the laptop is usually near the room where the lamps are and we'd have had to vacate our house while a hazmat team cleaned up all that mercury.

3.) Above blue-eyed kitten has now redeemed herself, albeit temporarily, as she has found the spider, the size of a teacup, under the sofa and is now eating it's legs. We'd been looking for the nasty bugger for two days and no one would sit on the sofa because it loved crawling up the back and scaring the bejeezuz out of whoever happened to be sitting there...usually me, reprising my role as Little Miss Muffet.

*crunch crunch crunch*

She's now eating the rest of it. Urrrrrrp.

Annie said...

1. Happy Birthday to the wonderful son!

2. 14 years ago, I bought a labrador puppy when my sons left home. I thought I stayed home for the rest of the year looking after said puppy and redoing all our photo albums (one each for the kids) at great expense, (and thinking I had given myself a permanent backache)...but my diary says I did much more ...makes me feel tired when I read it!

3. Managed to wrestle the pod onto the roofrack tonight...all ready to go pick up the kids in the early morning. They are just taking off from LA. Now for another game of one legged one handed tennis!


Ann Marie said...

Let's see.. three things...
Happy birthday kiddo... being the oldest can be sooo much fun.

Ok.. back to where I was.. three things.. yes yes three things.

1. I am not home.. I am in NoVa .. as much as I love NoVa I love home more and wish I were there with some Jose and Bacon on the beach. I know I know they do NOT sound like they go together but they DO THEY DO.

2. I need to update my blog to something. May do that tonight.. I am a lazy blogger and can't keep my updates on a timely schedule to save my butt.

3. Someone has pictures that I need to stop by and pick up cause i really want them but everything in my world is like crazy and upside down and making no sense right now..

Now I bet you are sitting there wondering exactly how are these three things related.. well I will tell ya.. this is just THREE of 3,792 the random things that are floating around my head right this second!

Happy Thursday.

Living on the Spit said...

Happy Birthday to CBW son! I hope you guys have a great weekend!

big hair envy said...

Happy Birthday, CBSon!! Please save me a piece of cake;) Thanks!

1) I honestly cannot believe that today is ONLY Thursday.

2) My conviction to "Just Say NO" to volunteering for ANYTHING this school year has proven weak. I have already said "Yes" twice, and I could just kick myself in the butt. Will I EVER learn?

3) Snow White flies out, alone, to TX tomorrow. I feel sick in my stomach. Guess I'll be calling Wine-One-One this weekend....make that WHINE-One-One! GAH!

Please excuse me, I have a Pity Party to attend...

mmm said...

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, CBSon!

Mental P Mama said...

1. Happy Birthday wonderful son!
2. My son was totally quiet, too. The swarm of white coats was overwhelming.
3. He goes to college next week. After graduating in the top of his class, 6'4" and 200+ pounds. I guess it all ended up okay;)

Love to you all!

Linda said...

Ha! my little brother used to chase me with worms! sigh. Brothers, gotta love 'em.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Happy Birthday CB Son.

1. Where in the hell did the summer go??
2. Little T got his yellow belt in karate this past Tuesday-someone please advise him that I am still his mother and can still kick his ass if need be.
3. When Little T arrived the whole Richmond Metropolitan Area could hear him. He has not shut up since!
4. Gosh I love that kid!

Daryl said...

Happy 14th to CBSon .. its only another 2 yrs before you can drive!

Sciatica still rules. I am one unhappy woman

Tomorrow is Friday and I dont work Fridays this summer ..woot woot

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. DRIVE? Only if CB Son promises to keep his eyes on the ROAD instead of the passengers in the BACK SEAT! (heh heh)

2. I remember when I was 14. It was about 100 years ago.

3. Sons rock. I should know. I have three.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Chesapeake Bay Son / Nephew!! We'll have to celebrate when I'm home in September.

For three thing Thursday...well, let's see.

1- got my real wedding pics back and posted some on FB yesterday!

2- having trouble focusing on work...wait, did I write that same thing last week?

3-August...slow down! I'm not ready for fall.

Middle Sis

TSannie said...

1. Happy birthday CBSon!

2. I love the way you write.

3. You are very funny - love the way you write.

Lynne M. said...

1. Happy Birthday CBSon!! 14 years ago, I was still pregnant. Gee, I'm still pregnant. How weird is that?

2. I have a living, breathing computer IN MY HOUSE. I OWN IT. IT HAS INTERNET!!!!! I'm a bit excited. I can actually send you some pics as soon as I find out how...

3. My husband is afraid of me and my belly, he thinks there is an alien in there. I may be repeating myself, since I am whining about this quite frequently.

4. I'm toying with the idea of doing a blog, since I have a computer! I have no idea where to start.

foolery said...

First and foremost, have a fantastic day, CBSon. I could tell when I met you that you are a man among men, and I wish I had spent some time talking with you.

1. School started today -- I KNOW. Smedley INSISTED that I do her hair before school. Sparky ORDERED ME not to touch her hair before school (I did anyway).
2. Broke all parenting rules and had a sleepover, on a school night, the night before the first day of school. DUHHHH. It was actually great and helped calm down a nervous first grader.
3. The boss is out of town, the boss is out of town, hi ho the dairy-O, the boss is out of town.

Anonymous said...

1.Happy Birthday CBson. You are the greatest nephew in the world and I might add, you are DEFINITELY my favorite nephew!
2. My favorite phrase ever came from CB son when we were slurping up a family dinner at TAYLOR'S Restaurant in Deltaville, VA. CBW noticed he was having some difficulty swallowing and asked if he was choking on a bone. CBson replied, in a very high-pitched, concerned tone,fearful and in tears, " what do bones taste like???!!!!!"
3. CBson and I LOVE the word "shart"!
Baby Sis

Grandma J said...

Oh boy, do I miss those two kiddos!

I can't imagine anyone but CB Son giving me a gator tour of the CBW's grounds. It was the ride of a lifetime!

Of course CB Daughter giggling in the back was an added bonus.

Grandma J said...

OH, Happy Birthday CB Son!!!