Thursday, August 6, 2009

Three Thing Thursday

This poorly lit picture was taken during Blog Fest when Ann Marie and The Waterman (who recently celebrated a birthday) took us on a boat ride around New Point Light, barely visible in the background.

Once again, we find ourselves in the midst of Three Ring Three Thing Thursday, where I share three things and you share three (or more) things which may be related, unrelated or first cousins twice removed.

Perhaps you wish to share something completely out of left field. Go ahead. Do it. I'll begin.

1. Out of left field? Or is it right field? It should be right field, because if something's coming from there it's a rarity, generally speaking. There tends to be more action in left field than right. In my opinion.

2. I couldn't let go of this "out of left field" vs. "out of right field" internal debate, so I used the magic of my fingertips to call up the internet wizards, who of course are always correct. Although both expressions tend to be used to describe something unexpected, "out of left field" is the most popular, but nobody could seem to offer a reason why, until I found this from a site called

"Perhaps the most likely theory is that it alludes to inmates of the Neuropsychiatric Institute, a mental hospital, which was located behind left field in Chicago's old West Side Park. Hence being told you are 'out in left field' would mean you were accused of being as peculiar as a mental patient. In any event, the term has been used figuratively for various kinds of eccentricity and misguidedness since the first half of the 20th century.

Out "in" left field and out "of" left field are two different things, but never mind. Let's move on to #3 before it's Christmas.

3. There are three incredible ladies shown above in that poorly lit picture. Left to right: TSAnnie; Country Girl Kate; and the ever-stylish Mental P. Mamma.

Now it's your turn to tell me three or more things, anything you want, whatever you feel like saying.



Asthmagirl said...

1. Smelling my baby grandson's head is like crack. I may need an intervention.
2. I have too much to do and not enough time in the day tomorrow.
3. Self tanners are one big lie. I need a good one. Like now!

Grandma J said...

I miss those ladies too....and you and your family of course.

1. I went to a Meet N Greet at the clubhouse, and all the men went in one room to play cards, and the women sat and talked about romance novels.

2. I wanted to play cards with the men, but didn't

3. I think I'll pass on the next meet n greet...and the one after that, and so on.

Annie said...

1. I wish I had been at Blogfest. I feel like I know you all already.

2. I have just been for a walk. My life is so exciting.

3. I played tennis on Tuesday. Without running. It felt good. My foot must be getting better. Hooray.

Angela said...

1.I tried to steal your Idea about three things Thursday two weeks ago, and no one responded. We must have different readers.

2. I like the idea so much that I keep coming back to your blog, and not only on Thursdays.

3. I am trying to lose a pound or two for my daughter`s wedding on Sept. first. It is more difficult than I thought. But everybody will secretly look at me and think, Aha, this is how the bride will look like in 30 years... Terrifying responsibility!

Pueblo girl said...

1) A mediterranean gecko has recently appeared on the wall in the bedroom, in Madrid. I am delighted and am considering trying to catch it and install it in my house in the north.

2) I have been reading about geckos. They eat insects - plenty of those in the village house to keep it happy.

3) Geckos have recently been sighted as far north as my vilage, so maybe it would survive the winter cold. And female geckos can reproduce all by themselves when the need arises, so if it's a female, it could produce its own company. Still not sure how to sex geckos.

Country Girl said...

I use the one from Jergens, Asthmagirl. It's called Natural Glow. It gives a gentle tan.

It's raining here but all the windows are open, it's that gentle.

I'm afraid that my husband is going to take me on killer hikes when we go to Maine this Saturday. My knees are hurting just thinking about it. Or maybe it's the rain.

Mental P Mama said...

1. I miss Mathews.
2. Happy Birthday Waterman!
3. Did I mention how I miss Mathews?

Anonymous said...

1) Most of my department is on vacation this week and I'm covering for them. Can't complain, though...I'm doing it from home and going to the gym or to a tennis lesson during my lunch break every day.

2) I have a female teenager (16) staying with me for four nights who is in love with (and used to date) my stepson (18). Not good for stepson's girlfriend and teenaged girl is working it....she came home last night wearing a t-shirt that Stepson had bought her four years ago....oh, boy.

3) I love the Geico gecko.

Here comes Saturday...QWAH!!

-Middle Sister

Curt McCormick said...

1. Getting a year older may not excite you, but in reality it sure does beat the alternative.
2. I don't understand why many days can seem so long but yet the years roll by so fast.
3. Good neighbors and a occasional Bombay Sapphire and Tonic can fix many things that otherwise might bring you down.

Curt's Handy "3 Things" Guide to Superior Organizational Structure:

1. Moe - brains of the operation
2. Larry - the doer
3. Curly - the one who keeps everyone in the organization happy

nativedevil said...

1. Today my 14 year old son starts high school football.
2. Tomorrow my 21 year old daughter goes back to Blacksburg to get ready for her senior year at Virginia Tech.
3. I feel a mixture of excitement and of getting older too fast.

Daryl said...

1. My sciatica is throbbing

2. Its my right side, not the left which is unusual. Everything weird or bad that happens to me, happens to/on my left side. I am left handed and likely I need to be 'out in left field'

3. Lefties get the short straw every time.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. I thought it was "out in left field", a reference to the nether-regions of a baseball playing field and how it's so far from the action in the infield. But I could be wrong.

2. Angela: SPANX. You're welcome.

3. See Curt's #3. It's worth repeating. I would add "friends" to neighbors.

Bonus #4: Asthmagirl, I have a cousin who says newborn infants are like a warm little loaf of bread. Oh, I'd love to hold one right now. Someone else's though. Not one of my own.

Audrey at Barking Mad said...

1. It's not so humid today and for that, I (and my hair!) are grateful.

2. I told Gaby Rose I'd buy her a pool. I am now regretting this.

3. I have no clue what we're having for dinner tonight and if I don't think of something soon, it's gonna be pizza!

Anonymous said...

VERY random thoughts:
1. I am wearing a dress today...first time in I can't tell you how long. Boy do I feel awkward!

2. I am looking at an overcast sky and hoping it rains. I love a gentle rain, just wish I were at home on a proch instead of watching it through my work window.

3. you know, I really do like my work. On a good day that is. For the most part I have a wonderful staff, a job with meaning and purpose and I can go home to a good man. What more could anyone ask for?


foolery said...

1. It's supposed to be about 78F today. That may not be a big deal where YOU live, but in Orland it may as well be a forecast for snow in August. UNBELIEVABLE.
2. My feet and ankles have still not recovered from travel. (They swell on airplanes.) I resemble a platypus in a dress, even more than usual.
3. Getting my hair cut today -- yay! -- so I can tone down the "That Girl" dooo-weeee I've got going on.
4. I use a lot of sound effects when I talk and have a really hard time expressing myself without them, so I type them as I hear them. I'm sorry. You're welcome.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

This has not been a good week.
I have to have a root canal done.
I do not feel well.
My hair looks awful and I still have not recovered from my spider bite.
Whoa is me. This is only temporary!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

And now I am going to make salsa! Thanks for the receipe chickie!

Anonymous said...

1. Middle Sis's favorite movie has to be "The Bridge over the River QWAH!"
2. Asthmagirl - good self tanners are out there. My favorite one is MYSTICTAN spray for face and body.
3. I'm sitting next to a man who will not stop grunting and oooooohhhh booooooyyy is it aggravating me...
Baby Sis

tj said...

1) I'm so glad that CBW has this blog. :o)

2) We got pictures back today from my husband's 50th birthday party and there were pictures taken of the stripper and I'm thinkin' about blacking out her boobs with a marker.

3) Christmas is four months away.

...Good night ya'll!

...Blessings... :o)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

To everyone - I love reading these, especially at the end of a long, exhausting day. Thank you for giving me a glimpse into your world. I love it.

TJ! OK, let me say this again in case I haven't said it lately. You are the reason I started this daggone blog, and you're not only a positive spirit but you're flat out hilarious.

p.s. I would go ahead and take a Sharpie to the other areas you mentioned, where Sharpie could also be interpreted to mean "scissors."