Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Around the Bend

The window above belongs to an exquisite house nestled in the bend of a very busy section of road in Gloucester. Anyone who lives in Mathews passes it every time they go to Wal-Mutant. It's on the right-hand side as you're approaching the stop light at Route 17.

If you click on the photo you'll see a sign (in the window) which is all too familiar to me. Familiar, yet troublesome.

That sign and the window are part of the house below.

The reason the view of the house is blocked by trees is as follows:

* You can't see it, but below what's shown in the picture is the Autobahn. On off days it's used for Nascar trials. Those familiar with this stretch of highway understand how well-traversed that stretch is. The only way to take a decent shot would involve trespassing (at best) or death by Business 17, which is why the funeral parlor is conveniently located two doors down.

* Speaking of which (trespassing not death), there are No Trespassing signs everywhere. Everywhere. Take a gander at what's hanging off the cedar tree there in the foreground.

* I had to pull over on the opposite side of the road; pretend as if I were going into the Frame Shop located there; use the super-zoom function on my camera; then pretend I wasn't taking pictures and wasn't going to the Frame Shop, all the time sweating bullets. Bullets the size of cannonballs.

*It's really very difficult to take decent pictures when your heart is thumping so loudly you can't hear yourself sweating cannonballs think.

In any case, I love the house above. There are several outbuildings and dependencies that are absolutely gorgeous.

My mother, who is from Gloucester and used to live in the Court House not far from here, has not sufficiently answered my question of what this place used to be, or who owned it or why it's so magnificent. Another very real possibility is she's told me but I've forgotten.

Either way, I'd love to know more about it and get a closer look without fear of being arrested for trespassing or being run over by the Daytona 500.

p.s. Dear Frame Shop Owners,
Thank you for letting me pull in your parking lot for just a minute or three two the other morning. You have no idea how many times I've driven by your place and wanted to stop by, not to purchase frames but to take pictures of what's across the street. Although I'm sure your frames are just superb. Fantastic even.

Thanks again,



Ann Marie said...

I love love love love that house we must find out who owns it.

Mrs F with 4 said...

Have you tried the blatant (but quite often successful - please don't ask me how I know )knocking on the front door, telling the owner what a stunning house they have, asking if you may take some photographs and offering them orints?

Full frontal assault, that's me. Beats subtlety any day.

wv: suchb ... she has such brass b's to do that!

Mrs F with 4 said...

oh, that would be 'prints', not 'orints'. Apparently I can't read today, either.

Mental P Mama said...

I think the whole county is on to you by now....Just sayin'.....

Caution Flag said...

Oh, that's just lovely!!

Thanks for risking life and limb to share it with us :)

Breezeway said...

I think that house is empty, and if I remember correctly, has been for years. It IS a beautiful house, but I'm partial to old, very old, homes. Might be a good idea to stop in at the Corner Cottage (the frame shop) and ask the Tolleys if they know the story on that house. They have been in that place at least 30 years, probably have a good idea of what's what. In the meantime, let me know if you need any help with any of Gloucester's deputies in relation to your...uhhh... tendency to trespass. =)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I'll be sending you some "get out of jail free" cards from our monopoly game. Just in case.

Daryl said...

Add this to the photo tour this summer .. I dont read English .. or maybe the word 'trespass' is not one I understand because walking on property that is not mine, to take a photo is IMO not .. what's the word again? Tres something .. dunno

But my WV: Frill .. well its a word I know well .. I have had my frill of silly words like Treswhatever

Breezeway said...

Did a little sleuthing for you with the daughter of the frame shop owners... she lives in GA, but found this link on Google Earth, I think it's the same house, just from a very different angle and a more dated pic. www.panoramio.com/photo/6821073.

foolery said...

Lookit that! You've got a posse, a trespassing posse! Breezeway, if I could hire you for something, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Not sure WHAT exactly, but you are who I'd want. : )

Diane said...

What a lovely house!

Shall I confess how many gas stations and welding shops I've pulled into in the Valley to get shots of Mt. Rainier?

I thought not....


Anonymous said...

That is a great house...I do remember it. It has always been a curiousity for me, also. I'd love to go inside!!!

Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Middle Sis

Autumnforest said...

My holiday gift to blogs I read is to tell them what I love about their blogs.

I don't even know where to begin with yours! You keep Newpoint alive for me. I miss that place soooo much! I just see your gorgeous pictures and I feel all relaxed. I so hope you get serious about making a coffee table book of Mobjack Bay or the Chesapeake in general...whatever you do, share it. You have so many beautiful stories and pictures and I just want it all in one beautiful book I can hold. You're charming, warm, and very sweet. Even if you do pursue being a brilliant photojournalist, I do hope you continue your blog--I depend on you for my daily Chesapeake fix out here in the godawful desert of the southwest.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

After the past couple of days I've endured, reading these comments is the best part of my day. Thank you all for commenting.

Breezeway - thank you for your research, and also I will be taking you up on your offer if I ever get caught taking pictures on someone's property. We won't use that irksome term that begins with a "t" and ends with jail. (I tried the link but it didn't work. No doubt something I'm doing wrong.)

MiddleSis-See you a week from Saturday, then. (It's terrifying how close Christmas is.) Let's try to do something fun; what that is I do not know.

Autumnforest-That may well be the nicest thing I've heard all year, and I cannot thank you enough for your very kind and generous words which mean so much after these long and trying days at work. Thank you so much.

Have a great evening and an even better tomorrow.

TSannie said...

Well, whatever, just keep takin' those photos and writing about them. (I'm sure they'll allow you a pencil and pad of paper if you end up in the pokey.)