Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Prose by Middle Sister

Today we will read a little essay written by Middle Sister in the year 1977. If I knew how to scan documents I'd post the original which she wrote on a piece of loose leaf paper. But that frustrating topic--relating to technology, instruction manuals, learning new things, crying and impatience--is for another time.

Let's begin.

"My name is Middle Sister. I am nine years old. I will be ten on July xxth, 1977. (This year is 1977.) I have two sisters, Chesapeake Bay Girl and Baby Sis. CB Girl is twelve. Her birthday is on January xxth. She goes to the Mathews Intermediate School. She takes piano lessons and has been taking them since November 1975. She weighs 95 lbs. and is skinny and strong! She likes things that have action. She has a pony named Thunder. She took riding lessons too. About a year from Mrs. Thomas in English and some from Mrs. Griffith in Western. Her middle name is Carol.

Baby Sister (whose middle name is Biddle) is my younger sister who is six years old. She will be seven on October xx, 1977. She used to take piano lessons. She used to take riding lessons too. Baby Sis is in the Gloucester County Day School with me. She is in first grade. She is the smartest of her class. She ways [sic] 65 lbs. She is not exactly skinny, but not fat. She took riding lessons from Mrs. Thomas, English."

- Middle Sister, Age 9

And now, at age 44, I, Chesapeake Bay Woman, would like to write the missing paragraph about Middle Sister using her format above as a guideline for what's important to cover when discussing one's sisters:

"Middle Sister, whose middle name is Kay, never took piano lessons. We do not know why. She did go to 4-H and was a champion egg grader thanks to Mr. Dinwiddie, who is a subject for another time. Wonderful man, colorful character. Middle Sister was so smart she had to skip a grade, and she hasn't stopped talking since she was two. She took riding lessons, English, from Mrs. Thomas and rode a pony named Brillo. (I rode Taffy and Yogi. Some poor person got stuck with Pendragon who'd always lie down when you tried to ride her. But we're not here to talk about that now. Middle Sister never strayed like this from the topic at hand now did she?)

Middle Sister talks a lot and is always putting on a show to torture entertain us. Middle Sister is neither skinny nor fat, and I have no idea how much she weighed at any age of her life and am curious to know how she knew what Baby Sis and I weighed in the year 1977." The End.

p.s. I'd also be curious to hear what Baby Sister has to say about being called the smartest in her class. Something must have gone terribly awry in later years but that, like Mr. Dinwiddie and like Baby Sister's middle name of Biddle, is a topic for another day.

p.s.s.t. I really do love my sisters but it's just so comfortable easy to pick on them, especially around the holidays when they wear extra thick lipstick and smear it all over your wine glasses.


Ann Marie said...

Baby Sis the smartest in her class???? I spit my coffee on my screen. Don't get me wrong she is very smart but I would have labeled her sneakiest :) .... oh baby sis I could tell some stories heheheheheh

Anonymous said...

Ummm, this is very I always was concerned about education and weight. Things didn't change much throughout the years. Oh, and yes, I DID take piano lessons....I just hated them and I quit early on in the process. It was quite frustrating.

I love this essay! Does it say "A" at the top? Find some more!

Middle Sis!

Caution Flag said...

Do you still like things that have action? And did those piano lessons turn out for you? Carol?

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Oh, no. Again with the lipstick on the glasses? You should give them their own glasses for use at your house. Then they can get all the lipstick they want to on 'em and you don't have to care.

My WV is storm. Really. A real word. Storm. That isn't even funny.

Breezeway said...

Okay, this has NOTHING to do with today's post, but rather, I'm still on yesterday's. Oh well! CBW, you really need to go to that link I sent you yesterday,or just go to and look for Old Houses of Gloucester County. Apparently you aren't the only one trespassing and photographing! LOL! Plus, they are apparently having some sort of photo contest, which, as someone who NEVER takes a good pic, I am not interested in but thought you might be. Foolery, if you ever figure out a capacity that you can use my "talents" in, just let me know!

Daryl said...

This lipstick on the wine glasses really bugs you ... I say make 'em bring their own!

big hair envy said...

I say buy the plastic wine glasses and make them drink out of those...a Dixie cup will do in a pinch;)


Occasional Lipstick-Leaver

Mental P Mama said...

I say let us all come over for the holidays, and maybe we could manage to clean all those glasses. Maybe.

Kate said...

Oh how I wish I had the energy and wherewithall and such to dig out my preschool project from KP. Christmas shopping has drained me.

I seem to recall my project was fill in the blanks and went something like i am kate i am 4 years old i am happy when i pet my dog i am sad when my brother punches me LOL!!!

WV: smshor Hmmm, maybe a mystery cleaner to get lipstick off wine glasses?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

AM-I had roughly the same reaction.

Middle Sis - Remind me when you're here and I'll give you this plus your diary which is precious, plus some letters to Valerie Worl@@, Tonya, etc. Nobody ever threw anything away around here, and there is *quite* the gold mine of information.

CF-YES! I love things with action. I walk fast, I move fast, I do things quickly at the expense of doing them correctly. Sitting still can be painful. Piano lessons....well, I got up to about the third grade in the JOhn Thompson book and there are a few songs I remember, but it's all gone the way of anything else I ever learned. Into thin air. -Love, Carol.

Meg, Daryl and BHE- Doesn't matter if I hired bartenders to stand in the back yard and serve them from silver goblets or Dixie cups, they'd *still* make a mad dash for my glasses and put marks all over them. And never offer to take them to the sink, much less clean them.

Breezeway-OK, finally just by going to the panoramio site without the link I saw the pictures. Incredible. If one of the comments on that picture is correct, then I know the son of the owner of that house, or at least a relative of the owner. If I could get twenty minutes inside that place with a camera...oh. I read in the Gazette J. today they're redoing the old mill next to the skating rink. Same family who originally owned the mill presumably owns(ed) the house across from the frame shop,but further investigation is necessary.

MPM- You are welcome here any time you want, no cleaning of glasses necessary.

Kate-You should dig up the old stuff, it's always good for a laugh and a memory, hopefully a good one. Put me down for one case of smshor assuming it will arrive before Christmas and/or my sisters.

Happy Wednesday night.

Anonymous said...

Screw all of you bi#$h#@ for posting AND laughing at my middle name. You will never be forgiven for this!
Baby Sis
P.S. I see some things never change...I am still neither skinny nor fat, and am still SMART.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

They need wine straws. hmmmm Patent idea? Let's talk.