Saturday, December 19, 2009

Secret Three

This is a strange shot of a place my sisters and I called Secret Three. It's strange because of the fog, which makes it difficult to discern the real tree limbs from their reflections.

Secret Three, named after the three Chesapeake Bay Sisters, is a cove located on the side of our house, close to the boathouse. There used to be muscadine grape vines hanging over our secret fort, and a tree stump loaded with periwinkles (which are really just snails unless you're around the Chesapeake Bay Children, who insist on calling snails something else being specific).

That barely-visible brick house in the background belonged to the Davises until they passed away. The lovely young couple living there now swears that Mrs. Davis's spirit is still tampering with their thermostat. Seems every time they turn up the heat, an Unknown Someone turns it back down.

Our whole neighborhood is haunted wonderful and has quite a history which I'll write about when the winds aren't whipping and the bed isn't beckoning. (It's a cold, snowy, icy, late Friday night as I write this.)

In related news, tonight is our neighborhood Christmas party which thankfully I am not hosting. Click here for the background on last year's neighborhood nightmare. No, the Chesapeake Bay Family will be trotting down the lane to a neighbor's house where we will have a grand time.

I'm looking forward to anything I'm not in charge of to it.

What will you be doing this evening?


Ann Marie said...

sleeping off therapy???

Actually going to a party too...

wv qivsked .. the EXACT word used to define what I was last night!!!!!

Daryl said...

No parties here tonite. So far no snow either .. keep it there please. But I plan on a day of self indulgence - okay I self indulge all the time but today I get a massage from the amazing Ron ... next up was a hairs cut long overdue and much needed but the snow predicted made me switch the appt to Weds. I shall only be getting it blown dry (arthritis can often actually be used as an excuse to pay someone else to do what I could do for free but not as well which is why you pay someone else). THEN I am meeting the handsome Larry and his husband Kevin for lunch. All this to avoid going to MY sister's to pick up all my paintings that I have no place for ...

VWL surshros ... I believe that's what Uncle Tim says to just about anything he's asked

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...


It snowed very briefly last night and got us all excited.

Now rain.

I might go back to bed.

AM-Last night was fun. And long overdue.

Daryl-Enjoy your day of pampering, that sounds wonderful. Your word verification interpretation made me choke on my coffee. Good one.

big hair envy said...

What will I be doing this evening? Praying that we don't lose current, and that this awful snow will be gone when I wake up in the morning;/ Oh, and drinking wine, of course.

Country Girl said...

This evening, we're confined to the house. It's been snowing since 3 am and shows no sign of stopping. And as long as we're safe, it's absolutely wonderful.
I think I know where this Secret 3 is.

Mental P Mama said...

That's near my little red brick house.....I am going to a cocktail party, too! And we have not had a flake yet at 5 pm!

Annie said...

Staying in tonight. Snowed this afternoon. Possibly more tonight. Daughter out at choir practice for the morning's lessons and carols service...that will be fun tramping through the snow. Hopefully the prednisone and ventolin the doctor ordered will do the trick and make me a lot better ...more quickly!!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Me? I'm doing it. Blogging and Beveraging! Being snowed it will do that to ya.I wish we could walk some where other than the chicken coop!
Have fun!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Wait! you and AM were up to no good last night?? Do tell!

Annie said...

I have my 18 months old sitting here having his dinner while Mummy is out, commenting on all the pictures, his food, the music, the lights. No shortage of entertainment here!!