Thursday, December 31, 2009

Three-Thing Thursday

Once again we find ourselves saying hello to Three-Thing Thursday, where I share three random things and you share three things. Whatever you want, anything at all.

This particular Thursday arrives boisterously--sporting a black tie and raising a champagne glass--because it's New Year's Eve.

Under my roof, New Year's Eve generally arrives with some mismatched pajamas, a pony tail, reading glasses and late-night TV accompanied by stale popcorn. Except when I was in my twenties. Oh, the stories.

Let's start with my three things, only because we must.

1. New Year's Eve is different from every other night in that there is a worldwide, legitimate and encouraged excuse other than blogging, which technically isn't legitimate or encouraged but is certainly an excuse to stay up past midnight.

2. Last night, on the dark ride home from work, there were four combines harvesting soybeans in the crater field on the right as you descend the hill into the crater from James Store/Gloucester into Mathews. Thanks to all the rain and wet soil, many fields have gone to waste, unharvested. Combines working by spotlight are not unusual, but four of them working together in the same field after dark is. That's teamwork (in hard times and without the benefit of daylight) at its best.

3a.My dear friend from high school who owned the brown Pinto and drove me to the Old Mill Skating Rink every Friday, Ms. Seabreeze, called me out of the blue. It's always wonderful talking to her. She's newly engaged to the most wonderful man in the world who doesn't take her for granted a single minute and makes her very, very happy. This all makes me very, very happy.

3b. Speaking of "out of the blue," there is a blue moon tonight. How many times have we said, "CBW is succinct once in a blue moon"? In other words, a blue moon never happens is a rare occurrence.

Country Girl Kate and her Husband alerted me to this blue moon.

My trusty Wikipedia informs me this is an extra full moon that ordinarily wouldn't occur in the year (as opposed to a blue one that would only appear rarely--in this case never). Wikipedia probably said more, but I can't remember and we're taking the needle off this record and storing the album for another day before there is a 3c which really equals 5. And we're not talking algebra because I don't speak that language.

Now it's your turn. Share three things, share fifty-three things, the sky's the limit.

If you can't think of anything tell me about your plans for New Year's Eve or about a memorable New Year's Eve in the past.

Most of all, I wish you happiness, hope and peace in this new year coming.


limousine hire said...

New year eve 2009... blue moon.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1-My best New Years Eve was in the year 2525.
2-No make that the year 2000.My feet still hurt from dancing.
3-I used to know what a blue moon was until I read this.

ghostless said...

1.Of course it's a Blue Moon....I seemed to have muttered a few years'll be a blue moon before I ever move to Mathews!
2.Blue moons do happen! and all for the better!
3.Happy New Year everyone!

Ann Marie said...

1. the blue moon is being reported by my horoscope to be the cause of the havoc that is being reaked in my life... I don't think that is so.. I think it is just my life period.

2. My horoscope also states that things wil be BAD for me today..

3. My horoscope has given me a great reason to stay in bed... ALL DAY.

Country Girl said...

1. It's snowing here.
2. No wait, it's turning to rain.
3. Thanks for the shout out.

Have a wonderful day off. I hope your popcorn is fresh and the drinks are lovely.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Ten years ago tonight, we were hosting a "new millenium" party, ringing in the new year around the world with cuisine and drinks chosen to represent each country as the new year came to it. We started in Europe and moved westward. At about 10 after midnight, my husband's phone rang - he was employed in communications at a DC hospital and it seemed they might have had not just the first baby of the new year, but of the 2000s! After some back and forth with another hospital that claimed the same thing, the sonogram tapes confirmed, Curt's hospital was the one. He dumped his sambuca-soaked ass into a suit and our sober friends drove him downtown so he could go to work, getting the news out to the media. He partied with the IT guys who were there in case the computers all crashed - he rang in the Alaskan new year with them.

That is not three things, but one big thing that I really need to get Curt to write and share on my blog. It's also my way of saying, happy new year one and all!

Anonymous said...

Wow Meg,
1. I want to party at your house next year! Drinks from around the world sounds like fun.

2. Happy New Year to everyone. May you and your family be healthy and blessed!

3. CBW you are the BEST. You connect us all together in a way that makes us all feel special to be a part of your world. I do enjoy catching up with you! Yep, I'm still a sap lol. Some things never change.


Daryl said...

Its snowing. Normally not something I get excited about but this could be a first time ever snow stopped the Times Sq festivities .. keep the rain down there Kate ...

Its snowing .. I have an eye doctor appt. Renewed my drivers license online but had to go get a real eye test in case the DMV calls to check .. chances of that are slim to none but I decided to end the year being as honest as I was at the start. Well guess what? I cant read the damn thing properly with my right eye, sure I know I don't do a lot of driving with one eye shut but still .. so to the eye doc I go at 11:30 ayem.

Its snowing .. I am home from work so I can rest up before the insanity of the new year kicks in.

Its snowing .. I hope I can see the Blue Moon .. or if not I will find a good recording and sing along

Its snowing .. and I wish you were here or I was there .. my hair is long enough to put in a pony tail and my PJs are snuggly comfy ..

Its snowing .. HAPPY NEW YEAR and may it bring us all another BlogFest as fun as the last .. Can not wait till February .. when it usually snows but for once I am hoping it doesn't ..

big hair envy said...

Daryl is a hard act to follow!

1. I'm SO happy it's not snowing here. I'm pretty much over that stuff.

2. Staying in by the fireplace tonight. Wonder if I'll be able to stay awake long enough to see the ball drop. Um. That didn't sound right, did it?

3. Having dinner with a special group of friends tomorrow night. I'm thankful for all of them:) They have brought SO much joy into my life! They also introduced me to wonky teeth.

4. Snow White will be 18 in about a month. I'm having a hard time with that. So is she:(

Mental P Mama said...

1. Blue Moon on New Year's Eve=crazies everywhere.
2. We had a beautiful snow this morning.
3. Staying in tonight and will be asleep by 10!

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

1. Resolutions never work for me, but I find it easier and more forgiving to make a promise to do something better.

2. This year I started a blog and also found very cool bloggers to read and share stories with.

3. Bedsides cooking up a slab of filet mignon, I may try and get a photo of that blue moon tonight with my new camera!

Happy and Healthy New Year!

Diane said...

1. I have no snow
2. I will be staying in with K3 tonight. We may hook up the WII if we feel special. If not, we'll watch a movie together.
3a. Thank you so much for the seasoning! That was so sweet!
3b. I count myself so fortunate to have been introduced to you. You are indeed the lovely glue in the blister clan! Oh how I wish I lived closer!

Happy Blue Moon New Year, CBW!

Annie said...

1. Happy New Year!

2. I am playing scrabble!

3. I think I have ADD too!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie - That (the ADD) just means you're an "artist with a soul"! But we knew that already.

Happy New Year.