Thursday, December 17, 2009

Three-Thing Thursday

Welcome to Three-Thing Thursday where Chesapeake Bay Woman shares three things all of which reveal an utter and complete denial that a week from today is Christmas, and you share three things--whatever you want, anything at all. Just please don't remind me of the mere week remaining to do anything for Christmas.

Let's begin.

1. Today in a staff meeting, a person used the phrase "reach out to" a total of 18 times, and this is the number I counted only after realizing how often it was being used. For example the person might say, "Here is a problem, and I'd like you to reach out to Jane Doe to solve it." Or "I reached out to John Doe but he was no help at all." Just play along if Merriam Webster or Wikipedia has officially pronounced "reach out to" the preferred substitute for "contact" or "get in touch with," or "call." I didn't get the memo, and if I did I threw it away.

2a. Saturday's Christmas Parade here in Mathews was great even if I seemed to be more excited about it than my own children--and Baby Sister. Several pictures were taken, however Chesapeake Bay Woman doesn't (a) take pictures of moving things that (b)are lit up at night and (c) when her batteries die on her she views it as a sign that pictures of this exciting event were just not meant to be.

2b. The picture above gives the illusion that trespassing may have been involved. For the more realistic view that doesn't involve trespassing a zoom lens, turn down the American Legion Hall lane right before sunset and instead of looking at the Hall on your left, take a gander to the right. And use your zoom lens while standing in the comfort of a perfectly legal spot known as the state road.

3. My office went to a tavern in Colonial Williamsburg for a Christmas lunch, and it was a lot of fun because I don't get out much. We sat down in a dungeon of a bricked basement lit solely by candlelight. It took a good 10 minutes for your eyes to adjust, that's how dark it was. As the hostess led us this way and that, down one set of stairs and through a maze of rooms, one of my co-workers said, "They're taking us to the Catacomb Seating Section!!" and I laughed. Very loudly. Probably a little too loud for the already-seated, somber diners whose eyes were rolling back in their heads still adjusting to the darkness of the basement in a centuries' old dining establishment.

Now it's your turn. Please share three--or more--things that you feel like getting off your chest. Or off your shoulders. Or off the top of your head even. Whatever you want, anything at all.


maria from nj said...

1. I posted a comment hmmm yesterday about the beautiful picture of a tree casting shadows on the white house and it disappeared. That's how the entire week has been running for me.

2. I'm also a tad loud and today may have gotten me in trouble. Par for course this week.

3. My procrastination knows no bounds. I hate not being able to control it. It seems to control me.

And today's picture is a WOw!

My WV is 'coutche', nuff said!! Don't need more trouble!

Ann Marie said...

1. I got nothing.
2. I still got nothing.
3. I am probably going to have nothing for awhile.. up for therapy tonight????

Kate said...

1. Haircut today. Scary!

2. Christmas shopping done!! Happy!

3. 99999999 things to do before getting on the plane to Mathews on Wednesday! Super SUPER scary! (the things, not the plane)

WV: airiner What you wonder about the plane's innards "is there any fresh, non-germy airiner?"

Grandma J said...

I hate to be the one to remind you, but Christmas is only a week away.

I can't imagine how much fun you had dining in the catacomb section. Usually there's a musty smell, but of course that's something plenty of garlic can take care of.

Here are my three thinkgs.

1. We went to a parade too. Similar problems. I couldn't take pictures in the dark at all, and having a police car directly across the street with his emergency lights going the whole time gave me a headache. Even JJ got a bit ticked off.

2. It's raining this morning and I dread getting dressed to drive my granddaughter to school. If I stay in my pj's I'm sure to get pulled over for something. On the bright side, I never wear socks with sandals or flip flops. :)

3.I still have blankets to make for the peds onc kids.

Grandma J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Grandma J said...

It's my three THINGS!

And that's my comment that I had to delete because it's a duplicate,and I'm still on my first cup of coffee.


Anonymous said...

1. I haven't had time to get online in ages!!! It seems I am so busy at work and then come home and am so busy cleaning, getting ready for Christmas(which I still can't seem to get a grip on), and running around doing errands! I miss reading this blog more than reading my email even lol.

2. I spent about an hour yesterday trying to read the back blogs and comments.

3. SNOW!!!!!!!! We are supposed to get SNOW Saturday. I'm so excited. I am a big kid when it comes to snow!

4. Since I've been gone for so long I have 4 things today :-) We went to see the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens last night in Richmond. For $10 each you walk through the lit up gardens for as long as you want. Absolutely beautiful and well worth every penny.

5. Ok, so I have 5 things....HOPEFULLY, we are going on the Richmond Tacky Lights Tour Monday night. Can't wait!!!


tj said...

...Ah, don't feel bad CBW 'cause you're not the only one laggin' behind... I'm just now getting my lights on the tree And thank goodness it's only a 3 ft. tall tree! lol :o)

...Love the photo and I love the sound of the cellar restaurant but I do like lighting when I'm eating 'cause I like to see what I'm eating before I actually eat it. Yeah, I'm kinda anal like that...*giggle*

...3 things huh? Okay...

1)*insert crickets chirping*

2)I did ALL my Christmas shopping online this year. Now I'm hoping it will all be delivered in time...

3)Tiger Woods is a perv'...

...And that's all I got CBW. I'm only on my second cup of coffee so that could explain the brain lag, no? *giggle* ;o)

...Did I say I love that photo? I do. :o)

...Merry Christmas CBFamily!

...Many blessings too... :o)

tj said... at Grandma J up there...:oD

Anonymous said...

CBW - I wonder if that co-worker ever worked for UPS or one of the subsidiaries. That phrase is a huge part of their culture....ALWAYS used instead of call, ask, communicate, etc. That's the only company where I've worked where I heard that incessantly! But, it gives a much softer and caring tone to the you could say, "Why don't you reach out for Joanne and find out why the f@%# she doesn't do anything?"


Anyway....I don't think I have three things today either! Ready for the weekend....

-Middle Sis

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Middle Sis - Nope, the individual never worked for UPS. I wouldn't mind it so much if it hadn't been used upwards of 20 times by the same person in a meeting which hardly lasted an hour. Then others started using it too. Same meeting. I don't get it.

Hello, everyone! Still in denial it's a week until Christmas. No shopping done. Tree is up though the angel at the top is off center and sagging. No outdoor lights, didn't even plug the ones in still up from last year because that would entail miles of extension cords and heavy,ugly cursing. So, bah humbug, we're not lit up for Christmas this year.

AM-Can't do therapy tonight, but perhaps after I go Christmas shopping tomorrow, assuming I survive a trip to Denbigh. Did I mention Bah Humbug!

I hate shopping anywhere but Best Value and Food Lion. Hmmmm. Best Value does sell Mathews sweat shirts....

Daryl said...

So suddenly it dawned on me that the presents for those not living here in NYC had to be mailed ...

I am so lucky that people I send things to dont care if I dont wrap things fnacy schmancy, hey, its gotta fit in a mailing pack/envelope/tube whatever so I need to be frugal about how its wrapped .. if you dont like tissue paper with the ends tied like its one of those popper things .. you will be very disappointed when you open something I sent.

And I just realized I didnt get anything for a friend who I was meeting for lunch Sunday - I had days to do it right? - well no they now want to have dinner tonite and I am w/o gift(s)to give. ACK.

Oh no .. I blew it, you didnt want comments reminding you Christmas was this coming week ... my bad ..

Or as my VW says: tuffounn

Tough for you nnnnanannaaaa

big hair envy said...

1. As you know, we've had our tree up since the night before Thanksgiving. I have enjoyed every minute of it. Even bought a new tree skirt at the Biz Baz. There are no presents under said tree. Personally, I don't really care if any show up or long as I don't have to be bothered with them! I'll be content to sit back and drink coffee while enjoying my sparkly tree!!!

2. You're going to Denbigh? THIS Saturday? Don't forget to throw the Tylenol bottle in your purse.

3. It's supposed to snow. I hate snow. I hope it doesn't ruin our Christmas gathering at Mom's Sunday. Did I mention that our heat pump froze up LAST Saturday, and the HVAC people all seem to be hunting full time this week. Is it June yet?

Annie said...

This is a choose your own 3 things!!!

1.I was sick last week.
2. I got better.
3. And now I have a cough.


1.cough cough
2 cough cough cough cough
3. cough cough cough cough cough etc


1.LOVE THAT PHOTO, cbw. Great lighting.
2. It is harder taking photos in your own neighborhood, than anywhere else. Because there is always the fear that someone will recognize you!!
3. It is a lovely sunny day here. And about minus 9 degrees outside...brrr.

Mental P Mama said...

1. Which Tavern? I love them!
2. I bet you are more prepared than I am.
3. Did I tell you I was itchy?

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. You? Laughing LOUDLY? No way!

2. It's gonna SNOW Saturday... don't know if it's snow down by you but it's definitely snow in DC.

3. I love everything about Christmas except for the frenzied shopping. Parties? Dressy clothes? Singing? Cookies? Decorating? All of that. Just not the shopping. Ugh.

WV is ockey. My 'usband plays ice 'ockey.

Breezeway said...

1. I have not bought the FIRST present yet!
2. I'm hoping I can get the shopping done this weekend, which is looking less likely now that there is snow in the forecast, and anyone who has lived on the Middle Peninsula for more than about 5 minutes knows what a snow forecast does to the roads, stores, life, etc.
3. I LOVE snow! As long as it comes and goes quickly! Much better and prettier than rain, which we have had in abundance this fall!

nativedevil said...

1. Keep trespassing. Love your pictures.
2. Williamsburg tavern meals. Love it. Did it on our honeymoon, the strolling minstrel sang for us.
3. It's been a rotten year in many ways, but I celebrate how blessed I am.
Have a good day CBW.

ghostless said...

I must have walked on the grave of the guy who invented septic tanks!!
My 3 thing thursday is:
1. old failed septics that have caused at least 4 or 5 contracts to fall thru on houses we've looked at
2. a strange logistical issue involving a septic with the existing contract that may cause the contract to fall thru
3. A new fangled septic system at our rental house that never got "programed"...yep you guessed it...backed up into the house this a.m.

so my 3 thing thrusday actually has been Mop, Clorox and Lysol!!!!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1. late again
2. snowed in
3. BHE drinking coffee..**snort**