Sunday, December 6, 2009


This is a completely unenhanced and unmodified picture of the locust tree that overlooks the creek in my back yard. (I am unsure if either of those two un-words are actually words.) Ordinarily you can see the creek and Smithers Cemetery from this vantage point.

The fog that particular morning was as thick as peanut butter. Thankfully I didn't have to drive anywhere that day, because driving in peanut-butter-like fog can be hazardous. It can also make you hungry.

I'll end on this note, and that is: Only here (and in most kindergarten settings) will you read made-up words and phrases such as "peanut-butter-like fog," that may or may not be appropriately hyphenated.

Now, I'm going to stop advertising all the rules of grammar and the English language I've forgotten in the past quarter century and get on with the rest of my Sunday, which hopefully does not involve fog, hyphens or cemeteries, but may well include some peanut butter.

Have a great one.


Annie said...

Great photo, cbw..just great!

I am intrigued by this tree, so did some research, as in Australia we have a loquat tree (my son had one in his backyard in Melbourne)...but it was very different to yours. (very yummy little yellow fruit)

So I looked up locust tree for Australia and they are a declared pest , would you believe?

But your tree and it's description on google sounds a lot like our tamarind that it has pulpy pods which can be eaten? Well, one of your varieties does (the honey locust) of your other varieties they are don't get them mixed up...I am sure you know all about it already!

I was also interested to read that it also has a habit of losing large branches in storms...sound familiar?

As you can see I have nothing better to do than stay in bed (with the flu...erg) this bright and happy (so far) Sunday morning, looking up things on google!

A happy Day to you too! Hope all those Christmas decorations sorted themselves out!

Mental P Mama said...

I don't see Buddy anywhere....

big hair envy said...

I only recognized that tree AFTER you explained where it was....that's some horrific fog!!!

We are not going to be able to come to your Christmas Parade. We'll be in Staunton for my uncle's Hannukah Party. As you know, we are not Jewish, but he has several friends who are. Those friends have Christmas parties. Yep. We aim to confuse;)

ghostless said...

I'm a bit in a fog myself, but I am here at last! Living in a rental house in Susan. After seeing my Dr. in Richmond on Thursday, I am condemned to complete and total bedrest until Tuesday,,, aht aht aht, all of you who wish for it, be careful what you wish for!!!
But I embrace today's fog, for in my ex home town there is 3 inches of snow! Thank you, Mathews!
p.s. the day before I left I actually had an encounter with a ghost in an old 100 yr old house in Craig county...for those of you who believe in such....I will save the story for later...thus I remain Ghostless!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie-Yes, I do believe the locust is a pest because actually I considered this tree exactly that until I realized how pretty it is. Locusts have nasty, nasty thorns and the wood is as hard as a brickbat, unrelentingly hard. However, given that even a hurricane could not wipe out this tree, and after staring at it for years upon years, I've come to like it even if it does cause me to curse when walking barefoot in the summer time. Oh, and on the Christmas decorations? That work/drudgery is still in progress, although my hand has healed.

MPM-This picture was too early in the morning for Buddy, but this is the tree under which he spends many hours.

BHE-If something happens and you don't go to Stuanton, please come here next weekend. The Christmas parade will be wonderful. Lighted combines and all.

Ghostless-Welcome to Mathews! I really want to hear the ghost story. I've been staring at every house around here with a horse trailer in the yard wondering if that was your place, but I don't get down to Susan much. Would love to stop by and say hello or have you come over here one day if you get a chance. I'm usually off on Fridays. E-mail me if you want to do something when you're feeling better, and let me know if I can bring you anything while you're confined to bed rest.

Dreading Monday as I always do. Enjoy the remains of the weekend.
- cbw

Grandma J said...

Oh I love it. The tree seems so lonely and isolated. I'm sure it appears more lush and vibrant in broad daylight on a spring day

foolery said...

Where I live we call that tule fog. The only good thing about it is the sound insulation -- and CBW's photos.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Fabulous picture! I stay in a fog but if you have any jely that may help things go a little more smoothly.
Here are my choices for Saturday...
1-CBW's with parade and wine.
2-Help Little T finish his book report and make candy with Little T for his teachers, with wine.